Oilfree Rasam powder ( Karnataka style)

Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
30 minutes

Rasam Powder, an aromatic and spicy mixture of ground spices is added while preparing various types of South Indian style lentil soups (rasam). One advantage of preparing it at home is that you can adjust the amount of spiciness by increase or decrease the amount of black peppercorns and dry red chillies. Different types of rasams can be prepared quickly using this homemade rasam powder. The ingredients are usually roasted with a spoon of oil separately and then powdered. This version has no oil.


200 g dhaniya or coriander seeds

150 g red chilli

25g cup methi or fenugreek seeds

35-40g jeera or cumin seeds

15g tbsp pepper

15g mustard

Generous amount of curry leaves

1 tsp turmeric


(Roasted and powdered)

  • To make the rasam powder, dry roast each ingredient until you get a good aroma and keep aside.
  • Wash the curry leaves and roast till it’s dry/sundry and mix.
  • Grind all the roasted ingredients together in batches.
  • Rasam powder is ready.

Pic credit: Archana's Kitchen

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