Gluten-free instant masala rice rawa idly

Prep Time
18 hours 34 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
4 servings

This is an instant masala idly made with rice rawa and hence this is also gluten-free. The masala for the idly is also made oil-free in this recipe. Usually, rawa idly is made with wheat or sooji rawa and uses dairy curd. This is my mother's recipe and since I learnt this few yrs back, I have not bought MTR or any instant mix. I have used a plant-based curd made with peanuts.


2 cups rice rawa

4 cups peanut curd

2 chopped onions


1 tbsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp Channa dal

1 tbsp urad dal

1 inch fresh ginger

2 green chillis

  1. Make a dry tadka. First on a hot iron or clay heavy bottom pan, add Channa dal and urad dal and roast till they are half done. Next add cumin and mustard till they splutter. Add chopped onions and keep stirring it till they have browned and become translucent. Keep it aside
  2. Dry roast the rawa till the rawa is very hot but not brown
  3. Grind the ginger and chilli till it's a paste. Some people grate ginger and add finely chopped chilli too. But when kids are having this, it's best that the chilli does not become an issue.
  4. Now mix the rawa, onion mixture, salt as per taste, chopped oriander, ginger chilli paste. To this add enough peanut curd to make it a batter. This purely depends on the rawa size, type of rice etc. Hence add to make sure it's not a thick batter, but in a pourable consistency.
  5. Optionally chopped cashew/ grated carrots / garam masala / chopped steamed beans or other vegetables can be added too
  6. Wash the idly plate and ensure it's wet when you pour the batter. This water barrier acts as a replacer for oiling the plate.
  7. Steam this for 15-20 mins. If a cooker is used, don't use the whistle.
  8. Remove the idly from the stand while it's hot
  9. Serve this with any chutney of your choice.

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