Healthy Pumpkin Soup With Almonds - Loved By Kids!



10:17 AM | 01-03-2021
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
3-4 persons

If glamour was to be associated with vegetables, pumpkin / kaddu would be considered totally non glamorous. But let’s cook a yummy nutritious soup from pumpkin & place it where it belongs!!


  • Pumpkin: 250 gms
  • Almonds: 7-8
  • Bay leaf:1
  • Coriander leaves: few (finely chopped)
  • Rock salt & black pepper: as per taste


  • Cut the pumpkin into small cubes & steam it.
  • Cool down the steamed pumpkin & put it in a blender.
  • Add almonds. Blend the mixture.
  • Roast bay leaf in a pan.
  • Add the blended mixture, add water to get the desired consistency of soup. Give it a boil.
  • Add salt, black pepper & coriander leaves.

Your delicious soup combining the goodness of pumpkin & almonds is ready. The almonds lend a creamy texture to the soup. Enjoy!!

Eating Guide:

Food group: vegetables and nuts
The combination of veggies and nuts is easily absorbed by our body well.
Veggies, are loaded with enzymes and high-water content enhancing our digestive and cellular health. Nuts act as body builders, these are also nature’s wholesome offering to meet our fat requirements naturally. A must inclusion for growing kids.
Nuts are also a great replacement to dairy because dairy is heavy to digest and should not be ideally combined with other food groups!
Nut based soups are perfect additions in meal times, for both adults and kids alike.

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