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Nature cure and vitality - Part 1

Understand your low energy levels from nature's perspective

Question: I eat well and sleep well too.... but these days when I wake up in the morning, I don’t seem to be having enough energy or strength as before. I just don’t understand where I am going wrong?

Answer: when you are waking up in the morning feeling tired and weak, it is an indicator to show that your energy is being drained somewhere. It’s like a leakage in the battery. So where or what could the cause of the leakage be?

The habits or circumstances that drain you of your energy are called the energy vampires.

Vampire number 1: food

You may be thinking that the food you eat is very nutritious and healthy as you have been eating it always and everybody around you is eating the same. Not necessarily.....if the food you were eating is highly processed, if it is animal based, if it is majorly high carb low fibre diet, if it contains processed sugar and flour, then please understand that your body is reacting perfectly, as this kind of diet will slowly deplete you of your vitality.

Vampire number 2: lack of physical activity

If your Lifestyle is very much sedentary and doesn’t involve much movement, then that could be another cause for your lack of energy.

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Vampire number 3: domination of negatives thoughts and energy

If any of your family members or friends had a negative effect on you, or if you had highly negative and non-progressive people around you, then that too could be a reason for your energy drain.

Vampire number 4: being away from nature

If you don’t get enough healthy, non-sunscreen filtered sun rays you could end up feeling depleted. Not spending enough time in the outside and breathing in fresh air could be a major drain on your vitality. Not drinking enough fresh sun irradiated water could be another major reason for your energy drain.

Vampire number 5: holding on to digestive waste or negative emotions, thoughts and experiences

If you are not eliminating more than you are eating in a day, stay assured that you are getting
Constipated, not just at the intestinal level but on the cellular level.

Holding on to grudges, sad or negative memories and experiences also are a constant drain on your vitality.

Vampire number 6: lack of rest

If you are sleeping enough at night, you could end up feeling drained of your energy. Remember to rest always when you are tired.

Be relaxed. Don’t get stressed over matters and situations which are not under your control.

Don’t eat when very tired, not hungry or when feeling sick. Resting your digestive system and the whole body when the body has given the indications of feeling tired, drained and sick will result in not letting your energy levels drain a lot.

So just by plugging into these leakages, you could conserve a lot of energy resulting in you feeling more active and energetic.

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