10:58 PM | 07-12-2018

I’m getting a very bad acid reflux. The acid is reaching my throat. I just took some lemon with ginger for relief. What else can I do?

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3 Answers

01:28 PM | 11-12-2018

1. Drink water 40 minutes before meals and two hours after meals.
2. Finish your meal with two dates or thumb nail size piece of jaggery.

04:13 PM | 12-12-2018

Hello, You must change your food habits to accommodate more raw foods instead of cooked. Let the gut heal for a month..until then eat only cooked once in the night thats less spicy. Morning have a mild lemon drink and fast till lunch. Lunch have fruits and then followed by some veg juice / salads when ur hungry.

07:56 AM | 10-12-2018

Take a one teaspoon of ajwain with a punch of salt and drink water.  Take lavender oil,  apply on  your stomach,  on your forehead and lie down,  Listen to a calm music and say I thank you and I love you to your body.  You will feel better.  

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