08:50 AM | 02-01-2019

Hi! My son (12 years) weighs 57 kg and his height is about 5ft. His doctor insists that he is overweight and must lose weight. Can someone share some simple and tested ways to lose weight?

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4 Answers

10:46 PM | 12-12-2018

To add to Anchal and Swatantra, please add a physical fitness regime to his week / day. Kids needs to run and play a lot as opposed to the current days where kids are mostly on gadgets. Body was not designed for this. So please add swimming in the eveniongs after school if possible. If it can only be during weekends, then add 12 suryanamaskaras to his lifestyle under a trained teacher. After some warmups, some burpees / tabatas / Squats / anything fast that will make him sweat a lot has to be done on a daily basis. One major advice is to remove all animal foods from his diet and his lifestyle which are mostly going to put all his efforts in vain. Thanks and let me know if you had more questions around this.

09:12 PM | 12-08-2019

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05:51 PM | 11-12-2018

Hey!! Check his food habits. These days kids eat a lot of junk & processed food. For starters, you have to work on reducing that. And that's possible only when you have good tasting replacements at home!! Yes it calls for a lot of hard work at your end, but mothers really have it in them.

Start with one good habilt & keep introducing more every few days. Let him have fruits & only fruits from the time he wakes up to noon, or as long as possible. Fruits are easy-to-digest foods and body will be able to focus better on cleaning the toxic waste that has led to weight gain. Also a generous fruit meal in the evening. Start with this & then see.

Since he is 12 years old, it will be good if you talk it out with him and explain the repercussions of being overweight on health. I'm sure he'll understand and co-operate. Take it slow & steady, be patient. All the best!! 


01:33 PM | 11-12-2018

Excess body weight is a common concern these days. I would urge you to check your son’s eating habits. When we eat healthy the body is able to release its toxins and in most cases this also enables the body to get back to its healthy weight. What worked wonders for me was to understand and eat as per the circadian rhythm of the body - you could also try giving him more of fruits in till noon and salads in the afternoon – along or before lunch. Get him to eat plenty of raw veggies, fruits and nuts. And yes, he should remain active – try out a physical workout routine that suits him and get him ample exposure to sun.

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