08:35 AM | 02-01-2019

Hello everyone! I am new to the world of natural health and living….. Have heard a lot about detox diets. Can someone guide me what exactly are detox diets, is it the same as fasting and are they safe for kids?

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2 Answers

06:23 PM | 11-12-2018

Hello hello. A natural diet comprising of whole plant based diet is easy for the body to digest & also gives body the desired nutrients to perform its functions. One of the key functions of the body is eliminating accumulated toxic waste. When body gets rest from digestive work (because you are eating easy to digest foods) & also the right ammunition (because you are eating nutritious food), the body starts eliminating toxic waste efficiently. This process is popularly called 'detox'. To my mind, a detox diet sounds like a 'cool' fad, but is infact the whole plant based diet eaten in everyday routine.

Its not the same as fasting - fasting means you are not eating!!

Safe for kids - ofcourse!! These are our natural foods, nature designed them for us to eat, why would they not be safe? But always listen to your body, give it time to adjust to any changes you do. Take it slow.


01:36 PM | 11-12-2018

Detoxifying or detox means to cleanse your body i.e. getting rid of toxic substances inside the body. There could be several ways of detoxing – physical as well as mental! You could cleanse your body by following a specific diet for example liquid diet or being on just fruits for few days. At a mental level – there could be a digital detox, where you abstain from using any gadgets for a specified time period. Then there are other practices like yoga and vipassana (observing silence for some time period). Detox requires you to exercise will power and control, in that sense yes it is similar to fasting. Please do note that any kind of detox should preferably be practiced under supervision. Detox is not recommended for children.

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