01:37 PM | 11-12-2018

Hi! My daughter has very dry hair that become difficult to manage. Any suggestion on some natural shampoos to get rid of dryness?

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3 Answers

05:51 PM | 11-12-2018

I can tell you two things -

First - It's best to avoid chemical based harsh shampoos and conditioners. You may feel theywill improve your hair, but trust me its only short term. Look around for natural ingredients based shampoo. I know someone in Gurgaon, my neighbor in fact, who does natural shampoos, free from SLS, paraben, etc. If you want I can put you in touch with her.

2nd - All my life I had dry hair. They looked very rough. But since 2015, when I changed my diet to whole plant based, my hair became shiny & manageable. No matter what you do externally for your daughter's hair, pls don't ignore that she has to be well nourished from within too. Fruits, a generous serving every morning & evening, fruit juices, fruit smoothies, veggie juices, coconut water - basically look for high water content food.

10:47 PM | 12-12-2018

This is my recipe for hair wash for a year atleast. My 2 daughters and i have soft hair. We also dont apply so much oil bcoz the recipe has healthy oils too

6 Lemon peels halves / 2 whole lemon - Has lemon oils in the peel

1 Banana for the softness

2-3 spoons Methi soaked

Grind the lemons till it becomes a paste

Grind the methi to a foamy consistency 

Add banana and grind

Mid all and grind once more till its mixed well. Apply this and soak it for 10 mins or even apply and wash.

Shower wash has not worked for this for me. A bucket and mug wash helps.

When the hair is wet, u still see some peels on the hair. bend your head and  wring the hair to remove as many peels . As it dries It falls off by itself. The day of wash the hair feels like its oily and next day hair is soft and dry too. Over few weeks of washes, u can see the difference.

Hair quality also depends on inside out healing. Keeping the body clean inside reflects in healthy hair over few months and years. Unfortunately..hair is not focussed bythe body so much as its not essential for living.

Keeping the harmones in balance with mental poise/stress free / anger free/ negative feeling free life  helps.

01:42 PM | 11-12-2018

Well! Shampoos rip apart the moisture from our hair and scalp. You could try using natural, plant based hair cleansers like shikakai and reetha powder. Also, try to nourish the body and scalp from within by giving her more of whole plant based foods i.e fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

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