11:21 PM | 11-12-2018

I am on a detox diet for the last one month to improve my gastric. I am having some acne on my chin, can yoy explain why? I am alsi taking ginger piwder at night with water. Thanks

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04:29 PM | 12-12-2018

First of all, congrats on deciding to detox. Can i ask what steps have you taken to detox ? Is this a lifestyle change / diet for sometime ?

When you go healthy in whatever way you have chosen, your body eliminates the toxins you wanted to shed. However, how and when it will shed is not known to anyone. This is called the healing crisis period and you must expect all the unexpected issues including emotional outbursts at this time. The advice is to not think "medicinal" and supress that with herbal / any form of drinks. Instead continue the healthy lifestyle and let the body do its job. When we decide to detox, we must also decide to stop thinking "medicine" that relieves the discomfort. In the continual process of removing such discomforts, our bodies become abused and collect toxins. So we must get out of this mindset of stopping the elimination. 

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