06:35 PM | 12-12-2018

I have recently undrgone Hernia operation for recurrence hernia. Please suggest me a way to keep my stomach & Intestines clean and to ensure no pressure from intestines on the stomach wall to mitigate chances of recurrence.

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4 Answers

08:17 AM | 13-12-2018

Clean diet = clean intestines 😊


Clean diet includes fruits, veggies (more raw than cooked), nuts, seeds, sprouts, whole grains, pulses, etc.


Exclude - non veg, dairy, packaged foods, junk, white sugar 


Amla is supposed to be a great cleanser. Add it to your veggie juices. It’s in season also these days. Have 1-2 everyday.


Infact all your focus should be on eating fibre rich foods which give you a good bowel movement. Do you know animal based foods like non veg and dairy have zero or minimal fibre? 

07:19 PM | 13-12-2018

Thank you , I am trying .


11:14 AM | 13-12-2018

The recurrence is the warning sign that you got to change your lifestyle. Hernia in simple words is the manifestation due to more than desired pressure on a particular organ. Hence I will recommend the following:-

1. Switch to 100% raw diet for minimum 90 days.

2. The first week may be only grapes juice, followed by a diet of fruits and raw vegetables.

3. Start your day with green leafy vegetables juice, one hour after green juice you must have fruits, two hours after fruits have a litre of water, one hour after water have a fruit like an apple or banana, two hours after this have a bowl of salad and then for dinner have a bowl which is mix of fruits and raw vegetables. If you can tell me your weight, I may suggest the recommended daily quantity of fruits, raw vegetables, dry fruits, sprouts and coconut.

4. Change of lifestyle is all about WILL power, so gain it by giving yourself a week of only raw diet and experience the difference.

5.  Avoid MRP
   (a) M is milk and milk products. All animal protein needs to be avoided.
   (b) R is refined oil, refined sugar, refined salt and refined grains.
   (c) P is packaged food. Don't open a packet where the content of the packet can be eaten straight. Example - biscuit, haldiram products, confectionery, etc.

6. Give up SOS immediately - Sugar, Oil, Salt.

06:30 PM | 14-12-2018

Could you Clarify in MRP in case of Haldiram , you said don't open package where the content of the packet can be eaten straight .


06:26 PM | 14-12-2018

Thank you , my weight is 73 Kg .


09:16 PM | 06-01-2019

My weight is 72 Kg , suggest the quantity of fruits to be   taken .

08:31 PM | 13-12-2018

Thank you I trying to change my lifestyle .

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