12:24 PM | 19-12-2018

I have periodontal disease and been researching natural ways to help with it. I read that oil pulling can help with gum inflammation and tighten loose teeth. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Answers

05:48 PM | 19-12-2018

In addition to what Pramodji has suggested, I would advice that you go on water fasting for one day and then followed by juice fasting for one day and then followed by fruit fasting the third day and then full raw for 10 days ensuring that you don’t chew vegetables so much but taking it more in vegetable juice form and then chew some soft vegetables like tomatoes, capsicum etc

In future, please brush twice daily with a vegan toothpaste and floss daily.

Avoid diary, meat , fried , sweets of all forms except dates and fruits from your lifestyle. If any of these have comforted you in the past, they have also led you to this stage. So better to say goodbye to them.

After those 13 days of routine I mentioned, you can fast till 12 and then have fruits for lunch, followed by veg salad and veg juice and a simple cooked food in the night.

12:24 PM | 19-12-2018

Toxin accumulation causes inflammation and the place of inflammation gets the name of the disease. In your case it's toxin accumulation in mouth causing inflammation of gums and the body's auto immune system is unable to remove it, hence the inflammation. This may be a temporary phase before it aggravates to serious problem. So your line of treatment must be as follows:-
1. Remove toxin accumulation.
2. Let the body heal inflammation.

This will involve the following:-
1. Remove toxins from your air, water, food and toiletries. Deep breathing (aerobic exercise), clean water (not necessarily RO but the old ways of boiling and filter), raw fruits and vegetables diet for 90 days, using only cold pressed organic coconut oil for skin care, organic toiletries and shampoos.
2. Oil Pulling This is a very good ancient Indian practice. This will greatly assist in toxin elimination. Use organic sesame oil or coconut oil only.
3. Dry Skin Brushing This is a very good practise before bathing, which activates our lymphatic system. The toxin elimination is better. Search YouTube and you will get good videos on proper technique of dry skin brushing.
4. Mud Packs There are numerous mud pack therapy available at naturopathy or Ayurveda centres, explore near your place and invest in such package. This will greatly help in removing blockages in the toxin elongation in the body.
5. Cold and Hot bath Make it a habit to start your face wash or bath with cold water and finish with warm water. This will increase blood circulation thus enhancing toxin removal.

12:19 PM | 20-12-2018

Inflammation of the gums is basically indicative of long-term digestive issues too. Gastric, acidic, blood impunity, ph imbalance may be even piles related issues could be present. The pain & discomfort felt in the gums are expressions of the body violating the rules of Nature Cure. Certain fasting protocols & disciplines need to be adhered to. Fruit fasting for a couple of days, water fasting one or three days. On regular days refrain from eating cooked food after 6.00pm.Food changes are advocated only to realise the real need of the body. In certain cases, discomfort may increase as we call healing crisis which is a curing process &one must stay with it.

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