05:26 PM | 17-12-2018

When I am on a diet of fruits and vegetables, I feel headache. Can you explain me?

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3 Answers

05:35 PM | 17-12-2018

Headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and fever are few symptoms that occur when we switch to only fruits and raw vegetables. Firstly this is a good sign and happens due to presence of toxins in the body. The symptoms occur due to less vitality. These symptoms may continue maximum for first three days only and after that once elimination of toxin begins, they gradually disappear.

Ideally one must go on only fruits for first three days to enhance vitality and add raw vegetables from day four to start the cleansing of the body. This will help in reducing these symptoms. Remember all illness are loss of vitality due to toxin accumulation in the body, hence all lifestyle changes constitute three major steps - 

1. Increase vitality.
2. Toxin elimination.
3. Disease reversal.

02:07 PM | 18-12-2018

Hi you could look at easing in the new changes. Go step by step don't one day have one thing (heavy to digest foods such as dairy non veg grains ) and the next day a diet only of fruits and veggies 
The idea is that in long run more than 50 to 70 percent of your plate must have fresh whole plant based foods (such as fruits veggies nuts sprouts ) 
Raw foods have higher degree of water and enzymes which are easily digestible by body -- however eating only them when you are used to other kinds of heavy foods may result in too 'much change' from what your body is used to 
In my case I switched to: 
Starting my days with fruits
I added more raw salads in each meal 
Then slowly I added veggies juices in mid morning 
Then it was only later that I replaced my grain breakfast with only fruits breakfast. This meant I started having lunch and dinner both early 
And then only after about 2 years on this journey added a glass of nutmilk at night! 

Hope this helps 

05:37 PM | 17-12-2018

But I am not feeling any symptom like that .

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