11:00 AM | 14-12-2018

Does Naturopathy have a different view on germs than Allopathy?

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2 Answers

06:43 PM | 14-12-2018

Yes, it does. Allopathy says germs lead to infections. Naturopathy says it's the toxic environment of our body that gives a breeding ground to germs in the first place. This toxic environment is caused due to bad foods, stress, lack of fresh air or sun, less sleep, etc. So naturopathy looks at treating the root cause for those germs to thrive & give you a disease. Whereas allopathy focuses on just killing those germs through medicines. Needless to say, when the root cause is not addressed, those germs will come into being again & hence begins the vicious cycle of one illness after the other!!

06:37 PM | 14-12-2018

Allopathic approach to germs is based on the theory of Louise Pasture that germs invade our body. That’s the prime difference between Allopathy and Nature Cure. Nature Cure says that it’s not germs from outside invade our body, but it’s the terrain (toxic accumulation in our body) which attracts germs into our body. Ultimately, as I said before, germs make their home in our body and act as a scavenger until the toxaemia is eliminated.

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