11:23 AM | 15-12-2018

My mother is a patient of asthma for the past 15 years. She is on her routine medication and nebulization. How can I help her eat better to keep her symptoms under control?

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4 Answers

06:59 PM | 15-12-2018

Two foods will greatly help - green leaf vegetable and coconut. Start the day with green leafs vegetable juice and have half a coconut daily. Coconut may be eaten straight or may be added to smoothies or as chutneys. Avoid salt, sugar and oil. 

09:04 PM | 15-12-2018

Dear Friends, I was a severe asthma till 39 years of my age. It started very early of my age. By making changes in my lifestyle and my food habits I have become a mediine free person today that i dont also take a single crocin. I will syggest you to read my health journey in the journey section of Wellcure. May you heal yourself. 

07:14 PM | 15-12-2018

I know many people who have cured their asthma naturally and there are 3 things that have helped them all - 3 exclusions - dairy, wheat and white sugar!! Might sound drastic in the Indian context, but if it solves a long standing problem, then why not!! Plus there are healthy and tasty alternatives for all of these. Try and see if it works for aunty too. Good luck. 

01:05 PM | 16-12-2018

And I must say these exclusions are not difficult! I did for dairy and white sugar for almost a year and minimised on the wheat! Try doing it one by one or minimising it slowly!


07:41 PM | 15-12-2018

Dear Anchal, I can vouch for your three exclusions. When I have excluded them, my asthma was healed properly. I will also add here that if one takes this three excursions as a first step. It wil be a great helo.


11:23 AM | 15-12-2018

Asthma is certainly a debilitating disease. My brother also suffered from it at an early age. Fortunately he was successfully cured by a naturopath. While I have seen naturopathy work in my brother’s case it may not be suitable for everyone to go off medication. Maybe you could try introducing more plant based foods in your mother’s diet. Foods such as fruits and vegetables have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This should help keep the asthma symptoms under control. My brother’s naturopath also kept him off packaged and sugary foods. Try bringing these changes in her eating pattern. Hope it helps!

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