11:06 AM | 18-12-2018

Is low-sodium diet good to manage high BP?

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2 Answers

01:32 PM | 18-12-2018

High BP is a lifestyle disease. It is not just due to high sodium though high salt does lead to water retention and high BP. Instead of just concentrating on one element, it is better to go for total lifestyle overhaul step by step. More fresh fruits, raw vegetable salads, whole nuts, exercise, sunlight and ai, rest etc will slowly heal the body and all parameters will come back to normal.


01:31 PM | 18-12-2018

A person with high BP does benefit by cutting down the salt intake. But it is important to understand that simply avoiding salt shakers is not enough. There are many ways salt finds its way into our plate – processed and packaged foods are particularly high in salt content. It works best to completely avoid such foods. Also, the bioavailable salt i.e. salt that is naturally present in foods like fruits and vegetables should be taken in higher quantities.

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