09:27 PM | 19-12-2018

Is it ok to have broccoli soup at night? Or will it make me gassy when I sleep?

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2 Answers

09:46 PM | 19-12-2018

If you have broccoli soup for seven days the trouble will vanish, it's toxin elimination which started due to broccoli which is causing these symptoms. We often attribute such beneficial changes to change of lifestyle and give up pre-maturely. Give all changes minimum 21 days for the body to make the natural change before making any conclusion.

09:53 AM | 20-12-2018

A little bit of background  - broccoli is a cruciferous veggie. What that means is it has a certain sugar which the body doesn't produce digestive enzymes to digest. So the bacteria present in the gut have to work to break it down and it is this action that leads to gas as a by-product. other cruciferous foods are cabbage and sprouts. 

Gassy or not really depends on the bacteria that exist in your gut. If you eat lots of natural foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts, whole grains.... with a high component being raw, ur gut is strong and you will not have gas issues!!

So work on increasing your natural food intake. Have your soup in small quantities and gradually increase the amount. After some time of having the soup, maybe half an hour or one, you can have some lemon mixed with water. Or chew some saunf.

Also u will note that u’ll be  less gassy with raw broccoli than cooked 😊. Yes raw is powerful indeed.

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable designed by nature for you to eat. Nature always wants the best for you. So have that faith and continue to enjoy ur broccoli!! 

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