01:55 PM | 21-12-2018

Since winter started I am having a bitter taste in my mouth all the time like we have when we have fever. It's so irritating.

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3 Answers

02:03 PM | 21-12-2018

You could look at increasing your vegetables.  Raw or steamed intake is best, as it retains the enzymes and water content.  They also provide the necessary balance to body to clean up.

02:02 PM | 21-12-2018

Our body keeps throwing wonderful signals, so that we can listen to it and support it. When we do so through natural means, the chances are you impact the root cause.  Bitter taste could be owing to various reasons, such as medicines, illness, sore throat, high acid residue foods, packages foods etc. They all create higher acidic residue in body.  So in effect, this is a signal of body wanting to cleanse itself and lower the toxic overload.

You can support your body, by increasing fruits.  They act as great cleansers. Plant based, raw natural foods, help maintain body’s balance, and also provide the necessary input to aid the cleaning up process.

Cut out packaged foods, dairy and non veg for some time.  Lower your grains too, instead increase the intake of vegetables, and whole legumes, sprouts.

02:00 PM | 21-12-2018

Gargle with honey and warm water. It helps! Have nutmilk with Cinnamon powder. You could add a bit of jaiphal too.

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