04:47 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi everyone. I have high BP. Can i reverse it naturally? What changes should i make in lifestyle?

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12:06 PM | 20-11-2018

Hi … We have a health journey on our website, that of Nandini Gulati who managed to overcome BP by changing her lifestyle to plant based foods.  In her story, she also covers very well, how a deeper change at all level ie connecting to nature, sunlight, activity and foods helped her manage her weight and BP issues.


10:56 AM | 20-11-2018

Hi … illness is a signal of your body to correct a balance. Thus to address an issue like BP that is what you will need to action. However this solution may be slightly long drawn, and will need some time to show results.

From a lifestyle perspective, relook at the following. How much processed and packaged foods is in your kitchen – this will include table salt, refined foods such as refined oil, white sugar, maida. Cut these out.

Focus on the additions, and aim to move towards more raw, fresh, foods in your kitchen. Add ample doses of fruits and raw veggies in your daily intake.  You could do so by having fruits before breakfast and also during the evening. Adding veg juices before meals and raw salads as part of main meals is another good way to increase raw.

Also, please relook at connecting with nature on daily basis.  You could look at walking, yoga, gardening, breathing and multiple ways.  

10:55 AM | 20-11-2018

For some time you could also look at cutting down your milk and non-veg  and also your grain intake. All these food groups are heavy to digest and create a load on the body. Usually, one is always fearful esp in India about what would it mean to cut dairy and animal products, but definitely our food lens has to be oriented more towards fresh raw foods (about 70%) and less on the heavy digesting foods for body to function well.

10:53 AM | 20-11-2018

2 Lemons juiced with half tsp of adrak juice twice a day after meals. Have it daily. Also no roti or rice at night. Have a salad for dinner, without salt. Resting the body enough and sleeping well is also important to help the body cope. Keep a balance of 12 hours of darkness to 12 hours of light. Do not put on electric lights and gadgets after sunset. Take aroma bath 2-3 times a day. 4 times a day, switch off your senses and relax the body through either humming or stretching or keeping focus on breath or om chanting or rose water eye pads or ice packs or cold towels. Constantly keep instrumental music and aroma in your room. Early morning walks and om chanting (Isha Kriya) should also help.

02:53 PM | 03-09-2018

Hello!!  First & foremost don’t be scared….High BP is not a disease, it’s a situation that is totally upto you to manage.   

Blood pressure is the pressure with which blood circulates in our body. Blood is the carrier of food nutrients, oxygen, waste material, etc from one part of the body to another. Without proper pressure in the blood, this vital function cannot be carried out & life cannot sustain. Hence, blood pressure is important.  High BP indicates that body is out of balance. All we need to do is help body restore this balance & return to normal BP levels by taking actions that are in-sync with nature.

Avoid all processed & packaged foods, including white sugar, refined oil, table salt, biscuits, namkeens, ketchups,  etc. Eat more of natural foods such as fruits & vegetables, eat more raw.

Replace table salt with rock salt which is supposed to be helpful in stabilizing BP levels. But overall, reduce intake of salt.

Rest – both physical & mental – is very important in cases of high BP. Try to engage yourself in activities that keep you happy, stay away from stressful activities. Don’t exert physically, listen to your body & be active as per comfort.

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