07:24 PM | 23-12-2018

I have been on a diet of mainly fruits and vegetables over the last 1 month. I eat fruits for breakfast and take a lot of raw veggies salad with cooked food in lunch and dinner. Also take veggie juices and soup, and few soaked nuts. Cooked food includes veggies or pulses. I haven't been taking rice or wheat. So my wife is worried that i'm not eating anything 'solid'!!! Is her concern valid? I feel quite e energetic and light, my bowel movements are better than before.

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10:31 PM | 23-12-2018

Body is the boss. Just listen to it.


Sharing my personal experience - when I was in the healing stage, I was put off rice/wheat for a while because they are acidic in nature. Any disease/illness occurs due to acidic environment in the body. Fruits and veggies are alkaline. So yes what you are doing is definitely the right way to go, especially when u r in a healing stage.


However I also feel ‘peace’ of mind or family is very important. So once in a while, let’s say 1 meal a day, you can include grains in your diet. Have them with a lot of veggies, raw or lightly steamed. But keep the focus on whole grains, less processed. And try to add variety - millets is a good introduction. 

08:36 PM | 23-12-2018

You are doing the right thing. Your body is telling you that since you are feeling energetic. Keep going, soon others may follow from your experience. Fruits, begetables, nuts and seeds are our natural foods.

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