02:14 PM | 24-09-2019

Hi everyone! Navratra are approaching and I am planning to fast for 9 days. But then the traditional navratra recipes are mostly made using ghee and other dairy products. Any ideas for healthy recipes for fasts?

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8 Answers

02:12 PM | 26-09-2019

Namaste Shwetaji 

Very good Question 

Healthy receipies for Fast 

You are giving a very good example  for many many people , to follow Dairy Free Lifestyle...so let us celibrate all 10 Days with Varities of Foods and Dishes.

  1. Fruits and Juices
  2. Recipes of Coconut Milk like Lauki Kheer , Carrot Halwa , Coconut Chikki , fudge , Laddu.
  3. Sweet Potatoes Chat or Salad
  4.  Dry Fruits in different Form
  5.  Approved Grain Roti during Fast like Rajgira , Shingoda , Vari.
  6. Dairy Free Milkshakes
  7. Dairy Free Buttermilks
  8. Tulsi and Whole Garam Masala tea
  9. Root Vegetables like Potatoes , Sweet Potatoes
  10. Chutneys made from Groundnuts and coconut. 

Enjoy Fast with all these varities in timely manner.


Take care


Thank you 


---Naturopath Zarana Doshi , Mumbai.





07:43 PM | 26-09-2019

So many varities !👍👌


03:09 PM | 26-09-2019

Good list
Lots of varities


06:01 PM | 24-09-2019

हेलो श्वेता जी,

पहले उपवास का मतलब फल, मेवे, और खीरे, नारियल पानी हुआ करता था। अब उपवास में पके हुआ खाने लगे हैं। फल के साथ पानी में भोगिए हुए सुखा फल लें। सलाद में खीरा नारियल बिना नमक के लें। नट्स के लड्डू गुड़ में बने हुए लें। पके हुए खाने में उबले हुए आलु, नारियल, मखाने का या कोई भी नट्स का प्रयोग करें। 

आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, जल, पृथ्वी ये पाँच तत्व आपके शरीर में रोज़ खुराक की तरह जाना चाहिए।



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली प्रशिक्षिका मार्गदर्शिका (Nature Cure Guide & Educator)

02:12 PM | 26-09-2019

Go for raw fruits, dry fruits and seeds 

02:11 PM | 26-09-2019

All the fasts and seva are meant to spiritually raise the consciousness of a person. As generations progressed, the actual focus had shifted from god consciousness to social living. Hence the elders / rule makers created rules for the mass to cleanse their bodies atleast in the name of God every now and then. We must all know by now that when a human body is eating the foods meant for our species, it works at its highest potential physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. So it was an attempt to make them switch over to raw foods and cleanse the body off the toxins accumulated . 

Over time that also got bent and cooked and tasty replaced the raw to suit their convenience and the original intention was lost. Same applies to ekadashi or various other fasts too where people avoid rice but eat Upma, poha, chapathi , idly etc. Since most of them from the elderly group started having lifestyle related ailments, they bent the rules to suit their convenience. Eg : rule that diabetes patients must constantly eat because they take medicines and must not fast , raw makes them hungry often, so the rule of eating once will be like pushing their limits . Hence such situations and improper medical beliefs pushed them to unknowingly and helplessly to bend the ancestral rules. 

Fasting for Navarathri has to be ideally pushed at foods that you don’t get motivated to stay on all day for 10days. It’s a brilliant system to push for a detox. 

I would advice to stay on fruits / juices/ raw . If you choose juices, get hydrated enough to detox and don’t dry yourself . If rule says eat once, then drink juices more and eat fruits once. 


If you cannot manage all raw, avoid oils and use sweets that can skip oils. Use nut butters and dates to make sweets.

Avoid grains and use water chestnut flour, coconut flour, besan  etc

Attaching a sweet I made for a recent festival- https://www.wellcure.com/recipes/496/traditional-rice-flour-lamps

You can replace the rice flour with any seed flour like water chestnuts , buckwheat, besan



Be blessed 

Smitha Hemadri ( Educator of natural healing practices)


02:01 PM | 26-09-2019

Dear  health seeker, either you fast  or  feast, in  fast  you  don't need to have  recipes, nature has  provided enough  fair  in  terms  of  tasty, nutritious, exotic, mouth  watering  bouquet  ,varieties of  fruits, their  taste, flavors  are  unmatched, man  by  any  stretch of imagination can not  make/ape  any of  those  tastes,  flavors aromas,   in any  laboratory the  taste and  flavor of a  mango, the  king of fruits, or  can one  ape, pineapple  apples, oranges, grapes  etc  etc. You  may  choose any of them, refrain  from  using  any  cooked  variety, only  raw is the  mantra/funda  of the  day 
    Fasting is to  give rest to the  digestion in order to  detoxify the  body and navratri  presents the  opportunity, 

02:00 PM | 26-09-2019

Navratre - we keep fast to keep control on our senses. 

Try to have minimal food through out the day. Focus more on Fruits and water intake. 

Try to avoid dairy products ( might cause bloating and acidity ) 

Avoid Tea and coffee intake as this will dehydrate your body and flush out vitamins and minerals from our body. 

Avoid fried food and heavy food during the fast . 

Include home made options only like roasted makhana, roasted Peanuts and nuts. This will keep you fuller for longer period. 

05:34 PM | 24-09-2019

If you really want to give your body a clean break, you dont need any recipes.Just be on fruits and vegetables in raw form. Add in a few green leaves and you are all sorted.

It i not just during navaratra that ghee and dairy should be out of one's diet. It should be all the time or atleast most of the time.

02:00 PM | 26-09-2019


दुध, दूध के उत्पाद व घी पूर्ण आहार के अंतर्गत आते हैं, उपवास के दौरान शरीर से अशुद्धियां बाहर निकलती है व पाचन अंगों को आराम मिलता है ;जब हम दूध, दूध के उत्पाद या घी से बने पदार्थों का सेवन करते हैं तो इन अंगों को अधिक कार्य करना पड़ता है जिससे उपवास का पूरा लाभ हमारे शरीर को नहीं मिलेगा ,उपवास के दौरान मौसमी फल, हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों के जूस इत्यादि का सेवन करें वह भी कम से कम मात्रा में।

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