03:57 PM | 24-12-2018

Can someone tell me if there's a problem in eating papaya during pregnancy? I love papaya, but have been told not to eat it.

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5 Answers

05:10 PM | 24-12-2018

There are many fruits which are recommended ‘not to be eaten’ during pregnancy like Pineapple, Tamarind, Papaya, Grapes etc. Common link is presence of high concentration of enzymes or chemicals in these fruits which can either lead to variations in important hormones or lead to uterine contractions which are not desirable during pregnancy. Papaya was strictly mentioned NO even by my Gynecologist. Some research at my end indicates that ripe Papaya is ok but raw or semi ripe Papaya has high concentrations of latex which can lead to uterine contractions.

Remain safe and best thing is to avoid as it is matter of only few months! 

03:57 PM | 24-12-2018

I was told by my gynaec also not to eat papaya. I believe it is more to do with the seeds of the papaya which are believed to be poisonous rather than the fruit itself. In any case, it is better not to eat it if you want to be cautious. After all, it is just nine months. Wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

10:45 AM | 24-12-2018

Well! in general fruits are foods that give instant energy and are quickest to digest. Hence fruits are always recommended for all age groups and especially when the body’s requirement for energy is high. Having said that, it is also a common belief that papayas particularly should not be had during pregnancy. In my opinion, you could get nutrition from a variety of fruits. Should you or your family be apprehensive it is best to avoid having papaya’s for sometime.

10:45 AM | 24-12-2018

Usually we are encouraged not to have papaya during pregnancy.  Go for other fruits as there are many other abundant ones.

10:44 AM | 24-12-2018

Papaya being a fruit is highly nutritious to the body and usually creates no harm. Raw papaya induces ripening which is why it is used to cook meats quickly. The concern is that you should not eat papaya that is raw. Nature has provided so many other fruits. Unless you can make sure the papaya you are eating is completely ripe, it is ok to avoid it & eat other fruits.

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