05:47 PM | 24-12-2018

Is there any way of warding off alzeihmers

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08:09 AM | 25-12-2018

Hi. Keep yourself adequately oxygenated. This can happen in 2 ways: 1. Breathe in good oxygen - do deep breathing sitting in the sun. Do a few yoga breathing exercises - anulom vilom, bhastrika, etc. 2. Avoid foods that block flow of oxygen in the body, I.e. un-natural foods such as non veg, dairy, refined oils, white sugar, table salt, junk foods, etc. Eat fibre rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, eat in whole form or as juices, smoothies and salads. Eat nuts and seeds, whole grains.


Stress also reduces oxygen flow to brain cells. So work on that. Engage in any activity of your interest such as music, gardening, reading, etc.


Challenge your mind through chess or sudoku or puzzles. Stimulate the brain cells.

Focus on sleeping well. Body undertakes function of repair and maintenance only when you sleep well. 


Overall- remember that body is programmed to give us good health. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the nervous system or respiratory or digestive or any other. Staying aligned to the laws of nature ensures our body can work at its optimum.

Hope I could answer your query. All the best!!

08:02 AM | 25-12-2018

Alzheimer’s or dementia is a deterioration of the communications in the brain. Harmones, neural connections play a major role.

Reversal takes time as any condition, but prevention is very important 

1) lead a healthy lifestyle consisting of majority raw in a day/ atleast in a week. Fruits greens vegetables soaked seeds and nuts 

2) exercise on a daily basis and sweat it

3) exercise the brain by not leading a lifestyle of a couch potato / being with gadgets only.. be active, do active thinking like working on puzzles or doing something creative 

4) exposure to sun

5) Get b12 levels checked and supplement 

6) Reduce emotional stress and toxicity by ensuring one is grateful for every day

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