09:05 AM | 25-12-2018

What can one have for instant energy?

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8 Answers

04:27 PM | 31-07-2019

Make dry fruit laddu 15-20 dates and 15-20 anjeer, and 15-20 kismis, 15-20 munakka aur khurbani deseeded, chopped and ground and make ladu.

09:23 PM | 01-08-2019

Hellow sir I want to add here for instant energy you can use sprouts in which you can use gram,groundnut,mungdal,and small amount of soyabin it helps you to be enegtic all day
 Also add some yoga aasans like tadaasan bhramri or meditation for good health

04:55 PM | 02-08-2019

🍌 Banana

08:47 AM | 02-08-2019

Additionally to all the solutions listed out you may try eating green bananas which could give you instant energies, provided you are non-diabetic. You might have seen tennis matches on the television and players consume green bananas for instant energy.

Tender cocnut water if fresh is also a natural source of instant energy

06:08 PM | 01-08-2019


फल, सूखे फल, जैसे खजूर, किशमिश, मुनक्का, अंजीर, मेवे जैसे काजू, बादाम, अखरोट, तिल, अलसी, मूँगफली, नारियल और कच्चे सब्ज़ी का सलाद और कच्चे सब्ज़ी का जूस मुख्य आहार हो, हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास हो।

05:25 PM | 31-07-2019

Here are simple measure to improve your stamina.

A daily dose of yoga and meditation is the ideal way to start your day to gain energy level
Start Your Day Right with Breakfast
Get Enough Sleep
Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods Dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, soybeans, avocado, bananas, are some excellent sources of magnesium.
Enjoy a short walk every morning in an open area, preferably on grass without wearing slippers. This helps good blood circulation.
Drink an ample amount of water throughout the day at regular intervals whenever you feel thirsty.
You can also drink a lot of healthy homemade fruit or vegetable juices or even soups as well.
Cut down all dairy products, processed food, junk food which the root cause of entering toxin in your system.


04:27 PM | 31-07-2019

Hi! I would like to add here! I recently learnt that the common perception is to go for a sugar-rich food item to get energy - this is in fact a myth. Sugar may give you an energy, but then its only temporary. On the contrary sugar adds to the digestive load of your body, making it work more and hence depletes you of energy. Plus it leaves your body more acidic. Personally, I have understood that fruits or dates or other naturally sweet foods are best to have when low in energy.  Soaked dry fruits also work well. These include anjeer, apricots, soaked dates, munaka, raisins (not almonds or kaju – they are nuts category).

04:26 PM | 31-07-2019

Fruits, Dry fruits, Fruit juice, Dates water.  

Dates water and one pinch cinnamon powder - mix in a grinder and your energy drink is ready, u can mix lemon juice if u don't like it very sweet.

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