12:00 PM | 25-12-2018

Hi …my 12 months old child is teething. He has fever and low appetite. Does not want to eat anything at all!! What should I do?

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4 Answers

09:54 PM | 25-12-2018

You can keep some cucumbers, tomatoes chilled in fridge and let him chew on it to soothe the gums. Know that during this period he will be clingy and low on appetite but would always be comforted by breast feeding.  So if you can keep, it up. Massaging the gums also helps. In our case the cooling teething toys didn’t really help. We just rode the phase out with patience knowing that the fussiness will continue and body will bounce back when the work is done!  

09:54 PM | 25-12-2018

The body is the boss! While the body is teething it's energy is geared towards growth and building. The body does not want to divert time and energy towards digestion and therefore appetite drops.

You can support the baby’s body by conserving energy. Get him to rest more. Sleep longer. And cool him down through two – three baths during the day .
Massage around his teeth and gums.

Offer him the raw more frequently in form of fruits, home-made fruit juices or fruit smoothies. He might not be able to do larger quantities together, though he might be able to have it more frequently.

09:54 PM | 25-12-2018

Low appetite is a clear indication that body does not want food at this point, as it does not want to divert energy into digestion. You could offer him fruits every 2 hours. Babies have a natural liking for fruits, and they are easily digestible and instantly provide energy. Let him have as much as he needs. Be guided by his needs.

You can keep the cooked meals low, if most just offer soups and steamed veggies – but most likely he will refuse.  Don’t’ worry the appetite will return when he is ready and body has focused on the more important task at hand!

09:53 PM | 25-12-2018

Hi … pls know that in increased temperatures the body is able to speed up an activity. Thus a growth spurt in babies is usually accompanied by fevers.  Pls have faith in nature’s design, and in the baby’s body. Do not worry.

Just focus on keeping him relaxed. If he feels uncomfortable, restless or agitated, apply some rose water on his head, navel, palms, and soles. Or do patti with room temperature water, not too cold or hot.

You could also give him lukewarm baths with aroma oils (choose some high-quality oils). This is much better than cold pattis. Once or twice a day is enough.

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