02:34 PM | 26-12-2018

I am 45 years of age! My hair was never heavy but lately I have been observing that it has thinned out considerably and decreasing further! Could you pl help?

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5 Answers

10:22 PM | 26-12-2018

If you are on a healthy detox diet then hair fall is very common . It will pick up in a year or two. Hair is not essential for life or it’s not one of the vitals for living and hence hair falls and regrows as healing is happening and when body finds surplus resources and vital force to pay attn to hair, it will. 

However, if you are on a sedentary,stressful non vegan lifestyle then toxins are catching up. Please look up other posts here to see how you can get back to a healthy lifestyle. But there is no immediate fix for hair fall. I have posted a recipe for a natural hair wash. Please do that consistently and given healing from within and outside with this hair wash, the hair fall will slowly stabilise. 


Few key points to remember 

Massage your hair scalp with cold pressed coconut oil twice or thrice a week and then wash ur hair. 

Drink enough water 

Comb slowly 

Get ur b12 and d3 checked 

10:35 AM | 27-12-2018

Thanks! Both B12 and D3 are down! What are good ways to get them to normal for the long run?


07:03 PM | 26-12-2018

Hi. You can refer to this do-it-yourself hair wash contributed by a user on Wellcure - https://www.wellcure.com/recipes/163/healthy-and-natural-hair-wash. Hope you find it useful!!

02:29 PM | 30-12-2018

I am around your age too and had thinning hair but now my hair is increasing in volume! So, there is hope :)

According to the law of vital distribution, the body distributes nutrients to vital organs first like the heart, brain etc. Supply of nutrients to the hair is the last in line as it is not deemed important for the body. When the supply of nutrients is less, the body cannot give much to the hair follicles.

You need to increase raw food intake - fruits and veggies in the diet. Reduce or eliminate toxic foods like dairy, sugar, oily foods, processed items, heavy grain based foods etc. Over time, our body will get back to balance and hair growth will restart. Make sure you are also taking care of proper rest and relaxation. Needs effort, patience and faith. Good luck. 


06:58 AM | 28-12-2018

Shubhi, take this b12 supplement daily on empty stomach 


You get this in all medical shops. 


D3 as much as possible, expose yourself to earlymorning sun for 30-45 mins daily without fail.


For b12 to be absorbed in ur body, you have to eat healthy and consume a lot of raw, heal ur gut and be a healthy vegan. Both vegetarians and non veg have an acidic body ph and even if one takes body cannot use it effectively. 

06:59 PM | 26-12-2018

There are so many reasons that could lead to thinning of hair.....it could be stress, pollution, lack of right nutrition, use of chemical based products, hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, so on & so forth!! You & only you can figure out the reason & address it :-)

Going back to the age old tradition of oiling hair atleast twice a week is a good option. You can add little bit of onion juice to the oil & leave it on for a few hours. Give yourself a good massage.

Also switch to natural shampoos, my neighboour does chemical free shampoos, let me know if you would like to connect with her, I'm based out of gurgaon.

Have more of natual foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts. We often miss out on nuts & seeds in our daily routines. Make a shelf in your kitchen stocking various nuts & seeds & keep having a spoon or two of a variety of seeds everyday.

Overall - when there is any kind of imbalance in the body, it pulls out nutrients from sidey resources such as hair. It's like a re-deployment of soldiers in a war scenario. They are pulled out from peaceful / low risk  areas & deployed in the war zones. Same is the case with nutrients needed for hair too. Hence, treat thinning hair as a signal of imbalance!!








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