11:48 AM | 27-12-2018

Hi… I think I am gaining weight due to water retention. What should I do?

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11:46 AM | 27-12-2018

Relook at your salt intake (especially iodised, chemical salt).

Salt entered our food systems, more for taste and offers no nutrition.  In fact in terms of natural health, it is considered a foodless food. The manufacturing process and iodisation of salt has further complicated the various elements that enter our system along with salt.

In today’s world, after sugar, this is a leading additive in every processed food item (as it works as a preservative & stabilizer) so much that even after reading the labels, it difficult to eliminate this.

Salt is caustic to the sensitive inner tissues of the body & the cell structure hence water is retained within the body to neutralize its acidic effect.  The body works furiously to eliminate the salt, but when is unable to do so deposits across body fluids. This actually artificially creates the signal of thirst too (Not sure if you getting that yet).

Water retention thus can be construed as the presence of salt in the body which it is unable to flush out.

Here is what you can do:

What to eliminate:

  • Processed packaged foods, outside meals, bottled sauces, pickles just about everything has a very high dose of salt – reduce them drastically (if not completely)

  • Replace white salt at home with Sendha namak, and Himalayan pink salt.

  • Reduce dairy, non-veg and grains intake – these heavy digesting foods hinder significantly with the process of elimination and make our body overwork.

11:48 AM | 27-12-2018

Learn seeds and nuts based dips & chutneys – add them to salads (I found some interesting recipes on Wellcure website, recipes section…...you may want to explore).  This will not only fulfill your ‘fats’ need in natural forms (so you can reduce your oil and ghee intake) but also add that oomph to raw salads and mealtimes.

It will also help reduce your body’s salt craving significantly keeping you off processed foods.

Add a good dose of sun in your morning routine.  It just activates our hormone producing glands and thus benefit the various important functions of body.

11:48 AM | 27-12-2018

The above answers capture it correctly.  A few additional notes:

  • Raw foods doesn’t mean you have to eat boring items – infact add salads with yummy dressings in every meal.  This will also balance your raw and cooked portions.

  • Instead of worrying about proteins, carbs, fats etc. look at foods as food groups.  The following is considered whole foods in natural forms:

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables

    • Sprouts

    • Legumes (soaked and sprouted best or in salads)

    • Nuts & seeds

    • Herbs

    • Grains – you can look to add variety through millets and lesser known grains jowar, bajra, ragi, makkai

  • You can consume veggies in salads, soups, steamed & stir fries, sabjis (don’t overcook)

  • Eat in right combination (and intuitively – you will notice you cannot overeat with natural foods)

    • Fruits to be had alone always! 30 minutes before a cooked meal or 2 hours after

    • Veggies go with other food groups easily including grains and meats

    • Grain, dairy and non veg are heavy and should not be combined. Instead combine them with veggies and raw salads or have alone.

    • Nuts can be eaten in meals (not with fruits) – so add them to daily salads, nut powders in dal, and night time as nut milks

11:47 AM | 27-12-2018

Here are a few things you could adding

  • Add natural foods – this would include a high dose of fruits and vegetables in your daily/ weekly diet.  These easily digestible foods act as natural cleansers, provide the right enzymes, keep the body in balance and most importantly help body eliminate all the extra stuff we put in including salt.

  • They also instantly energise and hydrate the body.  They have an added advantage of curbing the sweet cravings too.

  • You could look at adding fruits early morning before your breakfast – do 2 / 3 rounds of fruits.  Eat what you enjoy and eat till you are full. You can do smoothies (without milk, just fruits) and juices also though consuming whole is best.

  • Have another round in the evening 4-7 pm.  In office carry whole fruits so that its always handy.  

  • Explore the concept of whole, local, seasonal and most importantly raw.

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