02:25 PM | 27-12-2018

What all can nutribullet be used for. Advisable to buy?

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3 Answers

11:59 AM | 27-12-2018

Well! I have had the experience of using both - a regular mixie and the nutribullet. When we began adding juices to our daily routine, we started with the regular mixie. While you could do well with the mixie the result you get by using a nutribullet is amazing. The biggest advantage, as per me is the time saved, smooth texture of the drink (which translates to no fuss with kids). According to me, its a good buy and adding juices to your daily routine does become a lot more easier!

11:58 AM | 27-12-2018

Hi there, before buying any equipment you must know why you are buying.  If you already have a regular blender, it works well for juicing. Of course it requires some time for sieving, as not everyone will be wanting to have pulpy juices.

Nutribullet helps resolve this by juicing well.  So you can have even directly from there.

My personal experience is that, inculcate the habit of juicing first.  If you are kicked about it then worth an investment. The rest of the activities of doing nut milks, grinding etc is achieved with a regular mixie too!

11:58 AM | 27-12-2018

We are a small family. So it works well for us. I use it to make vegetable juice, smoothie, Chilla batter, nut milk, to grind something to powder. It has two blades. One dry and one wet.

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