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Frequent infection of cervix and urinary tract. Acute burning in urinary tract and cervix when infected.. Pap smears normal. Please can you tell me some natural remedies?

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06:03 PM | 09-10-2019

Hi Priya. Adopting a natural lifestyle will help you in building your health. Wellcure’s Buddy Program helps you in making the transition, step by step. If you would like to know more, please email us at info@wellcure.com. 

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Dear health seeker, Since you mentioned your health issues as chronic cervicities, it will take a while to address your symptoms, we don't believe in diseases  for us there is law of which is law of treatment, disease is nothing but lower level of health which can be reversed back to health by  employing natural means and basic laws of health which are eternal You may please follow as under:-

Please follow as under:-

   1 ensure to  eat only when sufficient  true  hunger is there to  digest the  food eaten. We must  eat to  live  and not  live to eat 

2.As a  start  drink  any  alkaline  juice either of the following, ashgourd, bilva patra  banana pith. 

  3.Sun bathing in early morning sun for  25 minutes, followed by spinal bath or  full bath 

4..Some simple  yogic  aasanas 

5..A  wet  pack over abdomen for 20 minutes 

   6..Fruit salads or  vegetables salads in  breakfast 

   7..Conservatively  cooked  vegetables and  raw  salads with  enough  coconut scrappings in lunch 

8...Fruit  juice  at or  around  4PM if  there's  a  sufficiency of  hunger, if not then avoid 

9..Conservatively  cooked  vegetables plus  one or two roti or small quantity of rice with salads. In  dinner 

10..Abdomen wet pack  for  20 minutes /or a  shallow hip  bath twice  a day will be  highly effective 

   11,Say your prayers 

12..Sleep on a  hard bed 

13..Needless to  mention that  avoid all  enervating foods and  habits 

14.Important note...as a cardinal law the inflamed organ should be subjected to complete rest and it is highly in  your interest to observe  complete celebacy/self  restraint  at least for few months  to allow complete rest to the effected part,otherwise also  all  chronic patients  should follow this  rule  otherwise there would be no worthwhile recovery. 

   You may take as many months to get rid of your affliction for as many years you are undergoing this  trouble. 

   A  very nice and  healthy life is there,  waiting in the wings.

Wish you a healthy and  sublime health. 

V.S.Pawar    MIINT 

06:22 PM | 10-10-2019

Anything to do with the uterus  can have many names. They cause its own symptoms and in this case the cervix is the lowerpart of the uterus in the human female reproductive system.  Whatever may be the names, the causes are the same - toxaemia and which set of organs get impacted is unique for a person. 

UTI and other infections in the Gut is an inflammation of the urinary tract / toxemia across the body and pelvic regions when there is a lot of acidity. When does such things happen ? When our body is toxic with diary, meat and processed goods for a long period. When we don’t drink enough water, when we don’t tend to pass urine freq , color  is urine slowly turns yellow, smells slowly like bcomplex tablets and overtime it’s really having a bad odour. When body is filled with toxins and waste is not getting disposed off properly this happens.

The stomach and GUT will be lined with rotting waste, unwanted bacteria and foods that was not digested properly in the stomach. The causes still remains the same - foods such as dairy eggs, gluten, meat, seafood consumed over a long period of time with heavy fats and proteins that weakens the bile and the hydro chloric acid in the gut. With weaker stomach acids and and ineffective weak bile, the food does not to get digested properly and leaks into the intestine while the pathogens feed on them . Overtime it reaches the colon which is the final dumping ground. This causes inflammation, pains constipation, diarrhoea and can also result in piles, fissures and yeast infections on the excretory organs. Please understand germs are not to blame. The come to decompose and feast on rotting matter. That’s natural law of decomposition. 

To heal this condition., It is best that you start cleaning the  GUT, which in turn will clean the liver, which in turn will be ready to absorb and deliver nutrients throughout the body and eventually cleaning the intestine as well.  If the previous organs in the process have done their job, the colon will not have to take a hit. it’s very important that the liver starts doing its job to heal any kind of intestinal issues/organs of excretion so that the unwanted food , pathogens and heavy metals doesn’t end up in the intestines and colon. Ideally these are supposed to thrown out naturally after altering its state, but when they end up as-is, they attract more issues in the colon which the colon might not be geared up to do 

When body organs are clean, they do their job perfectly well. With a right lifestyle this can be achieved . You must switch to a low fat plant based lifestyle. Low fat here because fats also come in low % from raw foods like fruits vegetables and greens. 

For a week stay on just juices and fruits to address the immediate pains and symptoms . If needed extend for more than a week. No problem. If your issue is recurring from a long time, expect a longer healing time. You might feel like you healed, but you will have the infection. Stay on raw for a month after pains reduce. Even when your issues are leaving the body, you will have symptoms. Don’t use medicine. Just continue to be only on liquids. These issues must not be medicated. 

Ensure that until the issue heals, Consume 3-4 lts of fruit or veg juice , tender coconut, vegetable juices,  cranberry juice ( you get organic frozen cranberries that don’t have sugar ) daily . Any pathogen has to be naturally flushed in a liquid environment and do not attempt to water fast or dry fast. You must not be dehydrated in such cases. In acidic dry environment they multiply faster.

Follow this to avoid recurring in future. The lifestyle you currently have will cause more severe issues in future :-

Morning on empty stomach 

  • Celery juice 500 ml filtered / ash gourd juice / cucumber juice/ green juice with any watery vegetable like ashgourd / cucumber / ridge gourd / bottle gourd / carrot / beet with ginger and lime filtered/ tender coconut water or more pure veggie juice 

Afternoon from 12 :-  

  • A bowl of fruits - don’t mix melons and other fruits. Eat melons alone. Eat citrus alone 
  • Followed by a bowl of veg salad 
  • Dinner 2-3 hrs before sleep with Fruits or a veg salad only. Your condition may not heal with excess cooked foods or by keeping your old lifestyle anymore. For one month stay full raw and if things get better add gluten free, unpolished grains cooked oilfree cooked for dinner. 
  • Please take enema for 30 days with Luke warm water and then slowly reduce the freq. this is not a substitute for daily nature call . Consult an expert as needed 
  • Include some exercises that involves moving all your parts ( neck , shoulder, elbows, wrist , hip bending twisting , squats, knees, ankles ) .
  • See if u can go to the morning sun for sometime in a day 30 mins atleast. 
  • Ensure that you are asleep between 10-2 which is when the body needs deep sleep. 
  • Place a wet cloth on your tummy for 30 mins daily

What to Avoid - these foods cause inflation the body

  • Avoid refined oils, fried food , packaged ready to eat foods, dairy in any form including ghee, refined salt and sugar , gluten , refined oils coffee tea alcohol , using oils in cooking 
  • FOod touching Teflon plastic aluminium copper . Use clay / cast iron / steel / glass
  • Avoid mental stress by not thinking about things you cannot control. Present is inevitable. Future can be planned. Stay happy. Happiness is only inside yourself . The world around you is a better place if you learn to stay happy inside yourself. Reach us if you need more help in this area. Emotional stress can cascade the effects. Thank your body and love it

Consumption of leafy greens in all forms is essential along with fruits which will help clean your system. You will start feeling hungry more often. Have fruits. Your body will start eliminating toxins in the form of symptoms, don’t panic. Don’t medicate. Continue a raw routine

Be blessed. 

Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

09:51 AM | 10-10-2019

Hi there,



UTI or Urinary tract infections is an infection to any part of your urinary system caused mostly by microbes such as bacteria but fungus and virus can rarely be seen. A UTI infection becomes serious (chronic) if you begin to experience pain, have blood in the urine, interstitial cystitis (chronic, non-bacterial) or lower back pain. 

With certain adjustment in your diet and lifestyle habit, the condition can be improved.


• Begin the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed into it. 

• Increase your fluid intake to ensure that the urinary system is properly flushed out.


• Reduce acidic foods in the diet and increase alkaline foods. Alkaline rich foods includes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, fingers,  seasonal fruits, seeds and nuts .


• Considering that a urinary tract infection thrives on a damp and acidic environment, lemon juice due to its cooling and alkalising effect is a beneficial way of using food as medicine to help relieve the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Although all citrus fruits turn alkaline in the body and are high in Vitamin C content, other citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) do not exhibit the same therapeutic qualities as a lemon or a lime and hence better to avoid them.


• A natural sugar( D- Mannose) found in many fruits like apple, blueberries and cranberries have the ability to drive out bacteria. The sugar in the cranberry juice is the reason why it is commonly recommended as a UTI treatment. Drink cranberry juice (100% with no added sugar). Cranberry reduces the bacteria in the urine and has been shown to inhibit the adherence of bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract.


• Avoid foods which can aggravate urinary tract infections such as alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, citrus foods, tomatoes, vinegar, yeasts, sugar and artificial sweeteners.


• Constipation should be treated promptly; otherwise the load in the rectum aggravates the problem. 


• UTI may aggravate from soap irritation. So, do not use any strong bubble bath gels, artificial scents, or artificially coloured shower products in the UTI bath soak. Instead go for gentle essential oils.


 • Hot fomentation to bladder area often helps free flow of urine.

• Alternating hot and cold baths for UTI relief. They also help relieve menstrual issues and vaginal disorders.

09:51 AM | 10-10-2019

Thank u

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