09:59 AM | 14-10-2019

What types of food habit is better during mouth ulcer?

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09:24 AM | 15-10-2019

Kindly remove dairy ( even powder milk is milk in another form, ghee, paneer, butter, curd ) sugar meat from ur lifestyle. Ulcers are an elimination of an acidic stomach and inefficiently digested meal over long periods of time. Possible constipation might also be there. A unclean gut ( stomach- rectum) is a big reason for mouth ulcers. U have to remove animal products immediately , reduce oils or avoid cooking with it. 

Mouth ulcers are mirror reflection of your GUT health. The cleaner your GUT, the cleaner is the health of your mouth / the smell  etc. The more acidic the gut, then ulcers tend to keep coming. It’s a way to eliminate the pus from the body. If you are a non vegan who consumes animal products, that’s your first step - avoid consuming any food that has any ingredient that came from an animal ( diary meat eggs fish honey ), remove sugar maida wheat corn soy. Avoid fermented foods for few months. 


Gargle the mouth with ashgourd juice 3-4 times a day. If this is not available then cucumber juice can be used to gargle or rinse the mouth. If you see the Durva grass or the one they use for Ganesh Pooja, u can grind and use that for rinsing too. Salt water rinsing is also going to help.  This is only for the relief of pains of the ulcers. Overtime focus on consumption of raw food to reduce or prevent ulcers. Avoid caffeine and tea. 

Start having a big glass of cucumber juice in the morning upon waking daily with some lemon juice in it and then followed by a big bowl of fruits. 

Apply a cold wet towel on ur abdomen for 20 mins per day. 

Avoid diary excess grains meat fish and outside packaged foods, soda that can spoil the environment of the gut. 


Be blessed 

Smitha Hemadri ( Educator of natural healing practices)

09:24 AM | 15-10-2019

Hi, Ulcers are caused due to many reasons like accidental biting,certain medications,viral or bacterial infections,poor oral hygiene,aphthous ulcers which are recurrent .Mostly ulcers resolve themselves without medication within week to 10days ,for fast and better healing within 3-4 days apply honey on effected area atleast 3 times in a day.Also I was self experienced with this remedy n I am sure this will heal your ulcer.

-Bland diet is best during this condition ,include moong dal, kichidi, idli , Upma, leafy vegetable dal,pumpkin and soft fruits like banana,papaya,watermelon 

are soothing to eat.

09:23 AM | 15-10-2019

Mouth ulcers are medically known as Canker sores. These are characterised by small, painful lesions in the oral cavity, on your gums or tongue. As a result daily activities like eating, drinking, and talking might be uncomfortable. Women, adolescents and people with previous history are more prone to these lesions. These ulcers are not contagious and it is explained as body’s natural process to eliminate toxins through these ulcers which elicits the philosophy in Naturopathy. The process of healing takes place on its own would take approximately a week to 10 days to cure completely. Some of the most commonest reasons are use of some medications in excess quantity or lack of sleep and increased stress could also contribute to the causes.

Diet – A bland diet that is not oily, spicy, salty and hot could make way to faster healing process. Consume foods rich in Vit C like orange or lemon as a fruit or in juice form. Also one might have a glass of rice starch made from red rice which could also suffice the Vit B Complex requirements.

Drinking ice cold water could give you some analgesic effect on an immediate basis

09:13 AM | 15-10-2019

Mouth Ulcers are a sign of high acid in the body.

Mouth Ulcers and acidity is caused due to various reasons ,here are few of them.


  • Excessive Work - 


Work schedules with ample rest and relaxation are missing, in urban lives.

  • Excessive Cooked Food -

Excessive use of cooked foods,fried and salty foods, aerated drinks, use of food preservatives , chilly and spicy foods,  animal foods & high grain diets, cause acidity. In contrast, a diet of mainly uncooked foods,plant foods and a diet of lightly cooked vegetables are easier to digest and do not cause acidity ! Complex food pushes our body to create more Hydrochloric acid for digestion, and short changes our body which has to keep the important task of elimination , on the back burner. This leads to build up of waste matter in the body, and over a period of time, this leads to higher Acidity levels. 

  • Excessive use of Mind/ thinking

Overuse of any one body organ, can be harmful and lead to acidity. Silent time is the best alkalizing habit as it recharges and rejuvenates  the mind-body.


Here are ten habits to get rid of acidity from your Body and help heal Mouth Ulcers, albeit naturally.



  1. Gargle and Drink Green Juice - 



Green juices  can be made from Bael fruit leaves{ Stone Apple} /Curry leaves/ Wheat grass or local grass in the park called Dhurva grass/ Tulsi /Basil leaves etc. 


Use one leaf at a time and keep changing these for each day of the week. These are rich in Chlorophyll, which is very similar to blood and rejuvenates and nourished the body. Cravings will fall drastically when you have drunk this juice, 120 ml or more daily for 1 week. Drink this first thing in morning, on empty stomach and leave a gap of 1 hour or 2 , before eating something.

  1. Morning Breakfast of Fruits -

Fibre is present in abundance in Fruits. Fibre has the quality of expanding when eaten, and allows for a very good broom to clean our intestines, plus it fills you up with lesser quantity of intake. Begin your day only with fruits for breakfast. Since they will help clean your body, your mouth ulcers will diminish plus better food absorption means all that effort you are putting in changing your lifestyle, is not going down the drain.Organic produce is the best of course!

  1. Eat only when hungry

Eating without hunger means the body is busy with the digestion process of food that was eaten earlier. The addition of fresh food, into the stomach or small intestine, where earlier food is already being mixed with the acidic gastric juices, leads to increase in acidity, as body is overcompensating by releasing extra gastric juices, which increases the acidity in the body !

  1.  Chewing every bite

Once food is thoroughly mixed with the alkaline amylase in the mouth, digestive juices in the stomach can easily break it down further. 

  1. Remove all tinned, canned , processed, packaged, bottled foods and readymade icecreams

All above food contains ACIDITY Regulators ! Replace all packaged food with green vegetables fresh and cooked, and fresh fruits daily

Fruits and fresh vegetables replenish our inner mineral reserves and help our body in the critical role of acid alkaline balance.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal

Everything is a gift. The degree to which we are awake to this truth is a measure of our gratefulness and gratefulness is a measure of our aliveness. - David Steindl Rast


Positive thoughts create internal space, allowing old, unneeded patterns and thoughts to be eliminated and cleaned from the mind-body. William Davis , a molecular biologist has shown how on a cellular level, thoughts like fear and anger, close the cell membrane , preventing waste material to be removed and fresh nutrients from reaching inside the cells. Whilst during feelings of love and peace, these very cell membranes open up, allowing exchange of waste matter and nutrients with the lymph system.


  1. Go through the day slowly - What's the rush ?

Our body is always rebalancing itself , but this needs time ! When we rush everywhere, keep busy during each and every minute of the day, we simply do not allow the body the time, space and energy to balance.

  1. Reduce time spent in Digestion

The more number of times you eat, the less opportunity for the body to heal the mouth ulcers. Allow a gap of 16 to 20 hours by having your last meal in the afternoon at 4 p.m. and eating your fruit breakfast next morning at 9 or 10 a.m. 

  1. Replace Animal Foods with Whole Plant based foods

Refined foods are completely devoid of minerals, and everything that is digested in our body , requires the presence of minerals. Foods that have low or missing mineral content, cause loss of minerals from the body , as digestive process uses up a fair amount.

  1. Walk on some Grass

It is something so natural, yet so ignored. New research is now showing the benefit of earthing , by sitting on grass and lying outside. US doctors are now prescribing forest therapy to treat their patients as varying conditions as diabetes to thyroid. Hormonal balance after all is deeply linked to Acid Base Balance.


Happy Healing! 



Moonstar Kaur Doad


{Ecologist and Educator }


















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