01:16 PM | 29-12-2018

My younger one about 13 years of age has developed boils on his legs! They are itchy and hurting. What can be done to take care of them?

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3 Answers

02:58 PM | 30-12-2018

This is sign of immunity build up either due to food or due to physical contact with pathogens may be while playing outdoors. Our body specially of a child is equipped to deal with it naturally if one helps the body. Avoid refined flour and milk products, increase fruit intake and keep him away from junk food. Try this immunity Booster:-


1. 7 parts turmeric (organic/pure) 

2. 4 parts cumin (jeera) 

3. 4 parts coriander seeds 

4. 7 parts fennel seeds (saunf) 

5. 2 parts dry ginger powder 

6. 2 parts whole black pepper 

7. 1/2 part of cinnamon powder 

8. 3 parts of elaichi (cardamom)  


Roast cumin, coriander, fennel, cardamom, black pepper for 2 minutes (without burning) and grind into powder. Add turmeric, cinnamon and dry ginger to this mix. 


Start with 1/4 - 1/2 tsp a day - ingest with water or sprinkle on food.



09:11 PM | 29-12-2018

Our body speaks to us through signals. Boils or any other skin issues such as rashes or acne are body’s way of indicating to us excess toxicity in the system. You should deal with this by increasing your son’s alkaline foods over the next few days, namely fruits and vegetables. Give him fruits in whole form or as juices or smoothies. These days oranges and anar r in season, make their juice for him. Give coconut water, lemon water, gaajar beetroot juice. You can also give veggie soups - spinach tomato, carrot tomato, mixed veg. Ideally follow this diet for 3-5 days strictly, though with kids it gets difficult 😓. So do as much as you can.


For external administration - take a few neem leaves, add little water and make neem paste. Apply on boils 2-3 times a day.

07:49 PM | 29-12-2018

One may find it strange but BOILS happen when a person is in a run downcondition and is an indication that body immunity is low as most BOILs are caused due to Stappylococcus germs (Bacteria) which enter sweat glands or hair follicles.Similar to PIMPLES.

Ideal therefore to boost immunity by moving to 'ALL' fruitor 'MORE'fruit diet. One should avoid tea, coffee, starchy and sugary foods esp cakes, pasteries, sweets, chocolates, white sugar and bread, all condiments, pickles and sauces.

Juice of garlic and onion (in equal amounts) has been found beneficial and can be applied externally to help ripen them and evacuate the pus.

Bitter Gaurd (Karela) juice (cupful) with teaspoon of limejuice can also be taken, sip by sip,empty stomach daily for few days for treating this condition.

My research also shows that application of Cumin seeds paste (in water); Turmeric (Haldi) powder; Warmed Betel leaves coated with castor oil is also helpful in these conditions for early ripening and bursting of pus.

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