08:51 PM | 29-12-2018

Whenever I travel, I get constipation, why does that happen and how to avoid?

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2 Answers

09:04 PM | 30-12-2018

1. The cause is dehydration. The meal before you travel must be only fruits, specially citrus.
2. If you travel by air then keep sipping water throughout the flight.
3. Skip the next cooked meal and have more fruits.
4. Winters and AC environment suppress our thirst so make it a habit to drink water at a fixed appropriate time.
5. Always avoid refined flour, fried and junk food while traveling. If you cannot avoid them then always have only fruits breakfast or dinner during your travel.

06:54 PM | 30-12-2018

In short, the shift in eating and resting times during travel has made your system to go out of whack.. it is not able to follow its natural rhythm (circadian cycle) and is trying to get back on track. This is temporary but you can help your body by resting after you get back, exercise a bit, eat easy to digest foods like fruits and veggies in raw form till it eases. Also make sure to take some walks in the sunshine.

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