06:37 PM | 02-01-2019

I have been on fruits & vegetables for the last 1 month plus. Presently there is extreme cold temperature touching 1 ° C or so. So taking salads consisting of beetroot , Radish , Carrot etc I feel I am catching cold or cough. Seeking your advice.

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3 Answers

03:15 PM | 03-01-2019

Since you have been on fruits & vegetables for the last month or so only......you have given the right inputs your body needed for cleansing the toxins.....cold or cough is one way in which the body does so, cold cough is body's cleansing mechanism, don't treat it as being sick.

In extreme winters, our basic instinct is to have warm foods. So increase your veggie soup intake, keep it nutritious - steam the veggies instead of pressure cooking as excessive heat/pressure destroys the enzymes in veggies. Als,o add soaked nuts to your soup, they will make it creamy. Use all seasonal veggies - carrot, spinach, beetroot, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, etc.

Luckily the winter sun is good till now in Delhi. Have your morning fruits or noon veggie juice or salad sitting in the sun. Keep the 2nd half of the day for non-raw food.

I'm assuming you are not using refrigerated f&v. get them to room temperature before having.

With veggie salads, i often slightly heat them before eating.....just to remove the outer coldness. Heat for 1 min or so.

Make a herbal tea for yourself, keep it in a flask & keep sipping through the day - cinnamon, elaichi, adrak, tulsi, saunf, cloves, black pepper.

F&V are natural foods, as long as you eat fresh, local, seasonal, fully ripe......there is no reason to be scared of them. Enjoy!!

12:41 PM | 03-01-2019

Fruits and vegetables wont give you a cold. They help to bring out the toxins within the body which manifest as cold and cough symptoms. However if you still seek something warm you can opt to have veg soups. You can also have a warm salad by adding a few steamed potatoes to your salad. 

Other options are to have warm coconut milk, almond milk or few dates to generate some internal warmth.

08:35 AM | 03-01-2019

1. Switch to only fruits for three days, if possible do a water fast for one day before that.
2. Rest is must.
3. Four almonds and three walnuts.
4. Two square inch of coconut.
5. Check your energy levels, if normal then don't worry. If you feel it's decreased then fast, fruits and fluids diet till increase of energy level happens.
6. If you added any particular new fruit or vegetable to your diet in last few days, then avoid such fruit or vegetables.

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