10:35 AM | 04-01-2019

My daughter has 102 fever, headache, watery eyes. What should be the line of action.. Give her nariyal paani, let her rest??

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3 Answers

12:53 PM | 03-01-2019

Keep her hydrated and equally important is resting.  So no force feeding or waking up to have meals. Instead allow her to rest as much,. And keep her on fruits every 2-3 hours.  When appetite returns you could do soups with some salads.

Keep the grains, dairy, milk and non veg off during this period as otherwise the body just wastes a lot of energy in digestion, plus it will only aggravate the mucous build up.


12:53 PM | 03-01-2019

Keep her hydrated through fruits, give cooked food only when she is hungry. Even in that, mix grated raw veggies such as kheera and carrots to balance the raw. Allow her to rest and sleep a lot. If fever rises don't panic Also, no TV, no book reading. Do make sure she soaks up the sun for it is a natural antibiotic. Don’t bathe her in very hot or very cold water - lukewarm water.

12:52 PM | 03-01-2019

hi your daughter's body is discharging acid through fever...continue to support it the way ur already doing...do cold patti every now & then but only if she is very uncomfortable...lots of rest is definitely good...give her fruit when she's hungry...lemon juice, little water, and honey every 3-4 hours.


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