04:03 PM | 04-01-2019

Hi.. I am suffering from urticaria for past 6 months. I even have high acidity and constipation problem.. I don't sweat much have to exercise with winter wear on to sweat.. Can someone help me.. Have been taking ayurvedic medicine for 4 months and allopathyis all about steroids can some one help.. Please

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04:59 PM | 04-01-2019

Any skin ailment is clearly a sign of toxic accumulation... little wonder then that you are constipated as well.Strike at the root cause which is your compromised elimination issue . Find out why is it .... your acid alkaline ratio is imbalanced .... are you sleep deprived?Repair / rejuvenation / healing occurs only in our 3 rd body cycle that is from 8pm to 4 am. Therefore it’s Mandatory to get quality 8 hour sleep more so in your case. Elimination occurs from 4am to 12pm .During this time it’s best to either fast or eat fruits ONLY but refrain from any cooked breakfast.Make cold pressed green leafy juice a lifestyle change . It’ll help you detox well.Do not use any deo/ perfume / anti perspirants on the body . Movement is very essential to get the lymph system going .Dry air brushing is also helpful. Include lots of raw in your diet.

it goes without saying that gluten / oil / sugar / dairy  should be avoided .

My sister was a classic case of chronic ultricaria for years. With due respect to all the “pathy’s” nothing worked until she changed her lifestyle. Her ultricaria was life threatening it was so bad ... She used to literally get disfigured with the rashes .

Now she’s Ultricaria free only because of adopting a holistic lifestyle and rid of all medications.



09:03 PM | 05-01-2019

Hi. All issues you mentioned have the same underlying cause  - toxins accumulation in the body.


Skin is our largest surface area organ. Any issues with skin indicate toxic accumulation in body.


You don’t sweat means your sweat glands are blocked. Sweat is also a way by which waste material goes out of the body. Hence, further toxicity.


Acidity - your body’s ph is out of balance. It’s more acidic than alkaline, acidity is the cause of all diseases as per nature cure.


If you need one on one help to guide you on dos and donts in everyday life, pls message me by clicking on my profile.

06:48 PM | 04-01-2019

I think others have given very good answers.

You need to help the body in eliminating the accumulated toxins. Shift to a natural diet high in fruits and raw vegetables. Stop all processed foods and sugar, refined grains, oils, animal products. You may get detox symptoms like rashes, cold, cough, fever etc.. bear them with patience while you heal. Take plenty of physical and mental rest, go out in sunlight by taking early morning and evening walks. All systems of medicines like ayurveda, homeo etc only are topical solutions. You can heal naturally through nature provided you have the faith and patience.

04:24 PM | 04-01-2019

Hello there, I am seeing my flashback in your post. Don’t worry. This is definitely curable. I understand your situation as I had exactly all the conditions you have. I tried allopathy, homeopathic and Ayurveda meds and nothing will help you in the long run. Once you quit those meds, the problem will come back in a bigger way to haunt you. 


My journey of healing is here https://www.wellcure.com/health-journeys/37/my-body-won-me-freedom-from-allergies-and-respiratory-issues


Quit all animal products like diary and meat of all forms 

Quit all refined oils, maida, white salt and white sugar

Avoid packaged foods

Start a fruit only breakfast, vegetable salad and vegetable juice for lunch and cooked millets for dinner

This is for a long term approach


Currently, start with a tender coconut/ lime juice / pineapple juice / veg broth/ veg juices   anything pulpless  only liquid diet for 2 days. If you want to eat something, eat only fruits. Your body will have rashes and itching will reduce once you are on this diet. 


Body has accumulated a lot of toxins which skin is eliminating. So without taking any meds, bear the symptom and stick to a fruit only / veg juice diet for 2-3 days and only fruits for 10 more days. You can reach me if you have further questions. I can guide you to heal completely. This will remove your constipation’s as well. 



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