10:50 AM | 07-01-2019

My domestic help had fever n joint pains. Fever has come down in 3 days with medicines. But pain in wrists, fingers n knees is bad. Doc has suggested painkiller n multi vitamin. Any suggestions pls. Tx

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3 Answers

08:48 AM | 07-01-2019

Pls do know that fever is a sign of body to fight off an infection and pain is a sign that the body needs to rest more. Check with her if she can take some days off and rest completely. Do encourage her to support her body by keeping the raw up and cooked food low. This will ensure body gets the right fuel to recover faster and spends less time & energy in digestion. Maalish will give her relief, if possible she can avoid painkillers, as it will only mask the symptom and delay recovery.

08:45 AM | 07-01-2019

Keep the fluids up. Have as much fruits and raw food as much as possible, steamed veggies and lots of rest. She needs to take a week to 10 days rest starting from day1 of fever. Rest is key as otherwise the fever comes back again. There is no substitute for time. And peace of mind that all is well.

08:44 AM | 07-01-2019

Boil 3 cups of water with 1 tsp of haldi for about 8-10 mins till the water is 2 cups. Add 1 tbsp of dark gur and mix it well. Drink 1 cup of this concoction in the morning n 1 cup at night. Must be drunk slightly hot.

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