10:10 PM | 08-01-2019

Hi when i am on a raw diet of fruits and vegetables. My stool comes out with difficulty. Is this constipation? And what is the remedy for same.. When i eat a diet made with cooked vegetables with rice or wheat i never face any difficulty. Why is it so?

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5 Answers

07:28 PM | 09-01-2019

I am not sure about the answer to the first question. It depends on how many days you started a raw diet and how many days you have been raw. Initially it will be difficult till your gut adjusts to the new food.

For the second question, grains have hard to digest fibre which irritates the colon. It tries to throw out such food faster. Please observe that on the days you eat wheat and rice, elimination may be faster but you will feel sluggish and there will be a feeling of heaviness in the body

06:31 AM | 10-01-2019

Dear Asha thanks, I was on the raw diet for almost eight months and since last two years 80 percent of my diet is raw foods.


02:54 PM | 10-01-2019

Hi! It is only recently that I started making changes in my eating habits along with some other lifestyle changes. Even I observed the same pattern. Days when I would be high on raw, my bowel wont clear easily. However, a regular roti/dal/chawal meal would make things easier! And that was quite frustrating as well as confusing!

I tried to reason it basis my learning from a workshop by THAC. As they say - "its the body that acts on food and not the food that acts on the body". I guess its the wrong environment that we have created inside our bodies that result in such problems!

And yes, what helped me crack this problem with consuming raw was veggie juice! Earlier, I was having raw as salads and fruits. When I added vegetable juice (especially tomato and spinach) I could relieve my self easily, even on a raw diet.

In all, I guess we need to view our body as unique and hence try to observe and understand what works and what doesn't work! 

07:27 PM | 09-01-2019

A few months ago, I experienced exactly the same. I was constipated in spite of my raw being high. & sometimes I felt things were better when I ate cooked food. Don't really know the logic but eventually, I figured out it was not about the food, it was about 'rest'. I was constantly on the run, physically & mentally. As I started slowing down & relaxing, my motions became ok.

So in hindsight, I feel maybe with cooked food, the body had no option but to clean up immediately because there was a lot of waste. Whereas with raw, the waste was lesser & easier to remove, so body chose to conserve energy instead of spending it on elimination. And once rest became ok & body had energy, it started eliminating well.

I may be totally wrong here, but just sharing my experience because we often don't realise the connection b/w rest & constipation and feel foods are the only reason for consti. 

06:23 AM | 10-01-2019

Thanks Anchal.


10:32 AM | 10-01-2019

Oh I did not realise it was you Swatantra. Thanks for responding. Yes stress plays a major role. In one of the cases who came to me from USA, was on a full raw vegan diet and also had a severe high BP. She was mentally quite stressed about many things which I will not go deep into here, but food is just one of the causes of some symptom the body shows. Remember all the 7 needs of a healthy living - quoting Kevin Hinton “Philosophy 101

Nature Cure teaches how to live so as to preserve the highest standard of health, strength and energy.

This must be accomplished in accordance with the principle of totality – never looking at only one part – but always focusing on the whole…Living Foods, Air, Water, Sunlight, Exercise and Rest, Mental Poise and freedom from obstructions to the free flow of nerve force throughout the body.”

Be blessed 

09:13 AM | 15-01-2019

Thanks so much.


07:29 PM | 09-01-2019

Depends on when you are taking in raw. It would be great if you can answer this question and that will help us to assess your problem properly. Can you state when you consume raw and cooked in a day ? Assuming you are not really particular about the timing, constipation is a sign of a unhealthy gut ( gut includes your intestines and colon etc ). For that to be fixed, having fruits in the morning vs night makes a huge difference in my experience as I worked with someone who had severe constipation and uti issues. She always had fruits innthe night as adviced by the doctor and I asked her to switch it to morning. Have all forms of raw when your day begins to see best results and when sun is up. Drink enough water. Sleep enough. Remove all kinds of negativity about other people as that puts a serious stress on your gut even if you don’t realize it . Forgive and forget.  Remove diary and animal products majorly as this is the no 1 cause of all your constipation’s. 

Thanks and get back if you have any questions 

06:30 AM | 10-01-2019

Dear Smitha thanks , here i am sharing about my diet. I start my day with hot water and in winters I add ginger paste to same hot water. After one hour of water around 8 am I consume smoothie made from fruits and water. Around 12 noon I will consume a vegetable salad with nuts and seeds with black pepper and lemon. In the evening i take herbal tea and around 630 or 7 PM i take soup / chills/ sprouts ( One of these) and sometimes in night I take nut milk. This is my routine when I am at home. I agree with Anchal answer, there is not enough rest. I am always on the move of doing something related to my work, or being with my children. I will like to know further on this. I have stopped consuming any food which is not present in nature. I am off milk and milk products since last four years. I have healed myself from Asthma. You can also know about my lifestyle more at this link.https://www.wellcure.com/health-journeys/41/triumph-over-asthma-living-a-medicine-free-life


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