11:05 AM | 08-01-2019

Hello all. I'm in the 2nd trimester. I am beginning to get a cold - throat is mildly hurting & nose is mildly running. What precaution can i take so that baby is totally fine?

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4 Answers

10:03 AM | 08-01-2019

For relief, take a steam inhalation . 4 times a day take a shot of lemon (2-3), with 1/4 tsp ginger, 1 tsp honey and tulsi.

07:30 PM | 09-01-2019

Fruits , fruit juices only for 2-3 days will eliminste your toxins. Increase intake of tender coconut. Stop diary to avoid such situations in future. 

10:02 AM | 08-01-2019

Be rest assured that the mechanism of cold and cough is actually to rid your body of excess toxins. Rest amply during this period, pregnancy in any case demands that you rest well.

Increase your raw foods and sun intake both.  Make sure there are lots of fruits and veg juices, raw veg salads in your food intake.

10:01 AM | 08-01-2019

Nature has already taken all the precautions needed to keep your baby protected. Which is why you have a cold, it is only debris material that the body needs to remove to give more space and growth material for the baby. It is an action given for protection, not for worry. Give the body more rest and raw foods. All you have to do is to keep to Natural Law. Keep yourself hydrated by making sure that every hour to hour and a half you are having fruit, fruit pulps, soaked dry fruit, raw veg juice. Rest a lot to allow your body to heal.

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