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I have to reduce my weight up to 10 kgs. What to do?

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12:36 PM | 05-12-2019

Hlw subha ji

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09:13 PM | 03-12-2019


Weight reduction is more than just calories intake and output. Any imbalance in the body could be due to lack of sleep, stress, wrong food choices or any hormonal issues that could cause weight gain. In either case following a healthy lifestyle will help your body maintain a healthy weight. Finding the cause is important and then accordingly changes are made. You could still look at the following changes to be implemented.

  • Include plenty of raw fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. These contain essential nutrients which are important components of many hormones and many body functions. They are also full of fiber which helps you feel full for a longer duration of time.
  • Make sure you sleep well. Your body recovers and repairs during this time.
  • Avoid all packed, processed, sugary and fried foods. All of them are high in sugar, oil and colouring agents. These all create a hormonal imbalance and are difficult to digest. They are also empty calories, providing nutrition for the body.
  • Avoid all animal foods including dairy also avoid tea and coffee. They are all difficult to digest by the body.
  • Chew your food slowly and avoid electronic gadgets while eating. You tend to consume more food than required if you watch an electronic device or if you chew fast. Your brain takes at least 10-15 minutes to make you realize that you are full.
  • Soak in the sunshine. Most individuals are deficient in Vitamin D, which the body can easily make when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is an essential component even for weight loss.
  • Include physical activity. Our bodies are designed to work best when we are physically active.

You could read the section of the journey as to how many people reversed their weight issues.

I reversed my diabetes, high bp, cholesterol, being overweight

You could take help and guidance from any of the nature cure coaches to help you with this underNature Natures Program

You could also read a blog on obesity to help you understand better.



Wishing you Good Health Always!

Thank you


09:11 PM | 03-12-2019

Weight loss is a beautiful side effect after starting a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that the body has as less digestion intensive foods as possible. Typically in a wrong lifestyle we tend to carry excess weight in the form of toxins and excess fat that the body was not able to process or melt, excess rotting fecal wastes, traces of heavy metals etc. when we consume foods that satisfy our hunger but also keeps the body less busy digesting, body starts doing a spring cleaning. If cleaning is done as a lifestyle then such exercises keep us healthy and if we follow it like a diet, in no time the junk is back usually with a vengeance and more severity. This is exactly why most unnatural weight loss programs become successful after promising a 5 KG loss and people don't lose anything beyond that so they tend to make the money and also keep you dissatisfied. To lose weight consistently and also to maintain health one must understand how the body works and also maintain the lifestyle and not a diet.

You can start by eating healthy, juicing a lot. Once your digestion and assimilation become efficient, your body will start shedding the excess weight.

Losing or gaining healthy weight happens when your body and mainly your gut is in a good shape to absorb nutrients or shed the excess weight. The solution is the same for both cases. Whatever is the imbalance the body decides and fixes it. A high raw whole food plant-based meal is your solution. Good sleep, exposure to the sun, exercises that help you gain healthy muscles.

Fats don’t come because you have nuts or avocado or coconut. Unless your body is ready to act on the food you eat, no food will help.

The more the body gets digestive rest from cooked and other wrong foods, it will heal u off your problems and then build your muscles after u work towards it with weights. You have to work on shedding fat and strengthening the muscles. There are no short cuts

  • Start drinking only fruit and veg cold-pressed juices for 10 days. Nothing else. 3-4 liters a day.

  • After 10 days eating just a stomach full of fruits and greens and occasional vegetables for the rest of the month and nothing else.

  • Workout in the gym for 1 hr daily / do 24 Surya namaskara daily with regular breathIng.

You will lose the toxins that have clogged the body. To continue a healthy diet and not gain back after that, the following is a lifestyle you can follow this.

Morning on an empty stomach

  • Celery juice 500 ml filtered / ash gourd juice/cucumber juice/ Green juice with any watery vegetables like ash gourd /cucumber/ridge gourd/bottle gourd/carrot/ beet with ginger and lime filtered/ tender coconut water or more pure veggie juice.

Afternoon from 12:-

  • A bowl of fruits - don’t mix melons and other fruits. Eat melons alone. Eat citrus fruits alone.

  • Followed by a bowl of veg salad.

  • Dinner 2-3 hrs before sleep, with Gluten-free, oil-free unpolished grains or dals 30%, and 70% veggies. This is optional and you can replace this with raw again and that’s best for you.

  • Please take enema for 30 days with Luke warm water and then slowly reduce the frequency this is not a substitute for a daily nature call. Consult an expert as needed.

  • Include some exercises that involve moving all your parts (neck, shoulder, elbows, wrist, hip bending, twisting, squats, knees, ankles ) along with the 1 hr of workout. Focus on weight training.

  • See if u can go to the morning sun for sometime in a day for 30 mins at least.

  • Ensure that you are asleep between 10-2 which is when the body needs deep sleep.

What to Avoid:-

  • Avoid refined oils, fried food, packaged ready to eat foods, dairy in any form including ghee, refined salt, and sugar, gluten, refined oils, meat, eggs, fish, coffee, tea, alcohol, oils in any form.

  • Avoid mental stress by not thinking about things you cannot control. The present is inevitable. The future can be planned. Stay happy. Happiness is only inside yourself. The world around you is a better place if you learn to stay happy inside yourself. Reach us if you need more help in this area. Emotional stress can cascade the effects. Thank your body and love it

Be blessed.

Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

04:12 PM | 03-12-2019

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