12:40 PM | 10-01-2019

Hi …what is the impact of increasing pollution on body and how to deal with the alarmingly increasing pollution levels?

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10:07 AM | 10-01-2019

Hi! Staying in Delhi I do understand your concerns viz-a-viz polluted air! We can’t really do much about the air but work at our level to combat the ill-effects! How about yoga! Breathing exercises like pranayam are helpful to get in more oxygen in our blood stream. Even in a busy schedule we must try to take out sometime to do these breathing exercises.

10:07 AM | 10-01-2019

At the individual level, here is how you can cope better...

1) The body has a tremendous capacity to adapt to environmental changes. Support this by keeping immunity boosted through fresh herbs like lemon, ginger, haldi, tulsi, mint, elaichi, cinnamon, saunf, which are abundantly available in this season.

2) Do not deplete body energy by spending it on digestion of acid producing and nutrient depleting foods- wheat, dairy, sugar, iodized salt, fried foods, highly processed and industrialized foods. The manufacture of these very foods is increasing pollutants. By decreasing demand we not only strengthen the body, we also decrease pollutants.

3) Water dilutes the nourishment carrying capacity of the body. Its ever more vital now for the blood to carry maximum energy and nutrients through the body. Don't be obsessed with drinking water!

4) Keep plants in the house These are great absorbents of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, while refreshing the air with energizing oxygen. Some that are easy to grow, live well in the house and are great absorbers are aloe, spider, mother-in-laws-tongue and money plant.

5) Rest more and sleep longer, so that the body has the time to neutralize and eliminate inhaled toxins and repair any damage that might have occurred.

6) Take in the sun, its our strongest antibiotic, immune booster and cleanser.

8) Keep pure charcoal or peeled half cut onion in the corners of the house to absorb the extra pollutants. Remember to change it daily.

9) Bathe with aroma like eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon grass, another great way to keep the immunity up.

7) When a symptom occurs know the body is asking for more energy and time to be able to respond to the changed environment. Do not pollute it further with drugs. Be on raw and rest, allowing it to come back to balance.


10:06 AM | 10-01-2019

The goal of the body is to constantly circulate pure, oxygenated blood. Pollution becomes a stress on the body for instead of getting pure oxygen we are also inhaling impurities with it. The body then needs to work harder to remove the toxins and keep the circulating blood pure. Every organ is given the capacity to cope and therefore of course the lung can filter the air it inhales. The question though is whether we want our body to be coping or be at highest capability. 

The way we can support the body is to give it higher rest so that its cleaning action can get more time. This is through sleeping longer, taking naps and switching off in between. By giving the body a higher material through more fruits, veg juices and lemons to ensure that the cleaning action can occur.

Avoid toxicity through foods like wheat, dairy, sugar, iodized salt, fried and highly processed foods, for there already is higher toxicity coming in through the breath. Its immune cells that scavenge the extra dirt, so boost immunity through herbs like ginger, tulsi, honey and haldi. Add these 4 into your lemon shots and have it morning and evening. 

Purify the air by burning resinous dhoop or by keeping absorbent or activated charcoal and having lots of plants around for they filter the air. The air purifier like the air conditioner is a stop-gap solution that will eventually lead to a greater consequence.  For it does not filter only the pollutants it also takes away all the beneficial microbes circulating in our environment. 

01:46 PM | 11-01-2019

You can read the Wellcure blog on air pullotion https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/55/are-you-worried-about-air-pollution


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