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09:44 AM | 11-01-2019

Pls suggest any home remedy for dry coughing... Running 8th month of pregnancy n have gestational diabetes.

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4 Answers

09:52 AM | 11-01-2019

I know someone (a close relative) who had gestational diabetes with her firstborn. She managed it well with diet and exercise. Infact, during her second pregnancy, she did not get Gestational diabetes. Few things that I think worked in her case were - reducing simple carbs, consuming more wholegrains, including healthy sources of protein and staying active.


09:51 AM | 11-01-2019

For dry coughing steam, steam and steam.  That should help. Also usually soaked dry raisins or anjeer helps, but do check with your doctor before taking that.

09:51 AM | 11-01-2019

For gestational diabetes, try and control it naturally with a sugar free diet. And meditate and  practice deep breathing to keep stress at bay. Please do NOT consume any insulin even if the doctor asks you to. You gift your child diabetes if u consume insulin now during pregnancy. Pls be mindful of that. All the best to you!

09:50 AM | 11-01-2019

You can read Pallavi Upadhyay’s story in our health journey section. She managed her gestational diabetes without medicines.

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