12:16 PM | 11-01-2019

Hi Friends! I am trying to make lifestyle changes bit by bit. Had a confusion regarding cookware. I have completely removed all aluminium cookware from my kitchen. But am not sure if anodized cookware (I am using Hawkins) is safe or not. Please suggest!

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4 Answers

07:56 PM | 11-01-2019

What I understand is that aluminium is bad because it leaches into the food kept / cooked in it. With anodized, it is said that very less aluminium leaches in only in small quantities. That's what the supporters / sellers of anodized cookware say. But when it comes to such things, I prefer to keep it simple. How do I know who's right & who's wrong? When it comes to stainless steel, there seem to be no conflicting views. No one says steel is bad. So I would recommend you switch to steel or earthen cookware for your kitchen. No plastic or aluminium or non stick etc.  

11:48 PM | 11-01-2019

Yes, I would sexond Anchal's reply. Better to stick to steel and earthen ware. In any case, cut more, cook less.. meaning eat more raw :)


06:08 PM | 12-01-2019

Hi when you make shift to healthy lifestyle why to leave any stone unturned. I have completely replaced all cookware, tiffin and water bottles with steel. There is no aluminum foil in my kitchen. I store my Chappatis in cloth and jute box. My children carry steel tiffin and steel water bottle to their school. Wish you a very happy movement to healthy lifestyle. 

06:08 PM | 12-01-2019

There are two things ENZYME and TOXINS. 

ENZYME are proteins to put simply they are catalyst which facilitates many processes in organisms. One of the key functions is they facilitate digestion. COOKING destroys most of the enzymes. So , we recommend high intake of raw fruits and vegetables.

Best way to practically cook with minimal loss of enzymes is STEAMING

TOXINS When we use heat it leads to reaction between vessel and food being cooked. 
Almunium is highly toxic metal.




09:48 PM | 11-01-2019

No matter what super food we eat if our “terrain” is not healthy it’s of of use. Exactly the same way Nutrition goes beyond ingesting health foods. Cooked food is as it is “dead food” & if we cook it in Aluminium or Non Stick Cookware we rob it of whatever nutrients are left in it . Further if we cook it under pressure (that is beyond boiling point) as is the case in pressure cookers then what we are eating is nutrition less food which may be tasty but doing no good to the body at all.

So good cookware is a pre requisite to healthy living .Surgical steel cookware are the best bet wherein you cook food below boiling point so that you can conserve the nutrients.For more details you can get in touch with me .

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