09:05 AM | 26-03-2019

Hi… Anything anyone is using inside their homes apart from commercial air purifiers?

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3 Answers

10:05 AM | 14-01-2019

Air purifier s do not create air or oxygen ...it is plants that have the ability..so plants within the home environment is a must.

Air purifiers filter out the particulate matter suspended in the air. The plants cannot filter the particulate matter they can only remove the toxins from the air. The two have very different purpose.

10:04 AM | 14-01-2019

Money plants and mother-in-law’s tongue are two good indoor plants for air purification.

Plants in abundance and in larger numbers than usual..and size..with their leaves sprayed daily with bio enzyme homemade is sufficient to collect particulate matter as well as many other toxins at home.also complete non use of lizol etc reducing chemicals in immediate environment.

11:02 AM | 05-02-2019

ha ha, I took mother in law's tongue literally


10:04 AM | 14-01-2019

Yes, plants … money plants - 3 per person per room in the bedrooms.

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