06:44 PM | 14-01-2019

Is it okay to take steam from a steamer as its made of plastic and we know that plastic is harmful.

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3 Answers

05:01 PM | 23-02-2021

If you are looking for are plastic vaporizers safe then I must tell you that, for me and hubby we take steam the conventional way....boil water in a steel utensil. But for my toddler son, that's not very safe as he can't sit still, so I use a plastic steamer, which is more like a humidifier. It's available on Amazon. This is the one - Console Premier Big Size Vaporizer https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01N4MAQMO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_69xpCbD0G7T1G. Not sure if steel options are available in this one?

11:22 AM | 15-01-2019

Plastic is certainly harmful and that too at high temperature! Honestly, even I have a plastic steamer at home and although we have become cautious about not using plastics, it never occurred to me that the steamer is also plastic! I guess that's the reason most health coaches recommend taking steam the traditional way - take boiled water in a steel vessel and cover your head with a towel!

Thanks for bringing in awareness:-)

12:52 PM | 15-01-2019

Ideally one should be using stainless steel alternatives or makeshifts.

Plastics contain BPA which is known to leach with heat or breakage. And BPA is harmful

For more details pl read my response on:  What's your opinion about using plasticware in kitchen including tupperware plastics?

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