10:40 AM | 27-02-2019

Hi! Ever since I got back home last night from work I have been sneezing and my nose and eyes are watery. I don't have temperature but it feels like that. Have taken an off from work today. Can anyone suggest how to deal with this!

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3 Answers

11:38 AM | 15-01-2019

I was highly allergic and pre Diwali and pre Holi were night mares . And for the 1st time in last so many years I did not get the allergy issues of severe sneezing and breathing issues.

Even if someone is not able to follow inclusion of  veggie juice , lemon , adrak and Kacchi haldi work good, though one needs  to limit oil and ghee and milk.

11:37 AM | 15-01-2019

Hi, I have beaten allergy (allergic rhinitis) and there are multiple ways to do this -

1. Preventive - you avoid the allergen and the system is at peace. Does not work as you need to step out in the real world. One needs to figure what the trigger/allergen is. If they dug deeper they might figure why? We will come to that.

2. Homeopathy/Ayurvedic/Accupressure (alternatives) - modern medicine ridicules (at least people with scientific bent do) these and yet have nothing to offer for allergies except suppressing systems and relief. For me Ayurvedic medicines did not work for me but with Homeopathy I could choose if I wanted a blocked nose or running and this was a savior. Cetrizine like medicines only put you to sleep!

3. Physical Activity - One thing is clear that building immunity will help. Physical activity - yoga, running, playing a sport, cycling, swimming, etc anything will most certainly help. I cycled in the pollution of Bangalore with hay fever. This was the best way to get used to the allergen (advice from my homeopathy doctor - expose yourself to the allergen rather than avoiding it). Taking cold baths made me stronger and sheershasana used to give some relief.

4. Actual reversal - I wish I could go back in time and really do this. Why do allergies happen? Why is it ok to learn to live with them? A friend of mine loves perfumes but says she can't use them in Bangalore as if the problem is with Bangalore :) Why is the system wanting to throw stuff out at littlest of irritation and what is it trying to get out of the system? I don't think modern medicine has any answers to this. What they do have is a an allergy test for 4000 different kinds of allergies. People go figure they have an allergy to peanuts and avoid it, when peanuts are actually healthy. If it is dairy that's causing the problem going Vegan is an option and feels good (ethically) but is that the reason one should make a choice - fear?

So please find someone who can help you with finding the cause of the allergy. Please do not learn to live with it, with aid of modern medicine or natural remedies. There are so many things you will miss out in life if you went down this path. I have seen a lot of sensible posts on the THAC page in this regard -

Seasonal Immunity

Dirt is your way to immunity

11:35 AM | 15-01-2019

This sounds like an allergy, could be due to dust/pollution or some other reason as well. It is a great idea to take an off from work and rest as rest works like a medicine and helps your body recover from illness. Do make sure to actually rest and not just be at home with work or around gadgets!

From long term perspective, the best way is to eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle. You can consult with Sharan India or THAC for that. For immediate relief (without medication) saunf kadha works very well for me. Take one tablespoon saunf in one large glass of water and boil till the water reduces by one-third. Drink this 2-3 times a day. Hope this helps.

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