04:43 PM | 16-01-2019

Hi everyone! My husband is taking some medicine for his eye problem and as a known side effect his potassium levels drop. As result he gets numbness in his limbs. Can someone suggest how to handle this?

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09:31 AM | 18-01-2019

The LAW OF UNITY is the answer!

  • What is our objective?
  • To get rid of the SYMPTOMS or to address the CAUSE, which leads to the removal of SYMPTOMS, may be slowly but surely!

We need to dive deep to explore the cause of the problem that the individual is suffering from.

If we go dialectically finding out the CAUSE, we shall find the lack of Nature-synchronous lifestyle causing excess depletion of the VITALITY is the primary cause. This ENERVATION leads the individual to a TOXAEMIC state due to lack vitality in proper ELIMINATION.

The accumulated toxin is the SINGLE REASON of all our wellness problems. This eye problem is not a out of scope of this.

The solution to the TOXAEMIA is consistent CONSERVATION OF VITALITY.

With the raised levels of CONSERVED VITALITY, the individual certainly expels the accumulated toxins. Eventually the symptoms go away.

THE VITALITY CONSERVATION happens through consistent




Thank you...

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03:41 AM | 17-01-2019

When it comes to any mineral imbalance in body, coconut water is a good option. Your hubby can easily take 2 coconut’s water every day. Order on milk basket so that it’s delivered every morning to you and you don’t miss out.

Spinach, peas and sweet potatoes are supposed to be potassium rich and are also available in market these days as they are in season. Give him spinach as a salad or as spinach tomato soup. Peas can be eaten raw or as part of steamed veggies or mixed veg soup. You can give him sweet potatoes as a chaat, with some sweet n sour imli chutney. Whenever you steam veggies, lightly steam as enzymes in veggies are heat sensitive and get destroyed on high heat exposure.

Also avoid all artificial foods as they also create imbalance in body - dairy, non veg, junk food, packaged foods, refined foods like white sugar, white salt, refined oil etc. By the way, rock salt, especially Himalayan pink salt is supposed to be mineral rich. So replacing table salt with Himalayan maybe a good option.

03:30 AM | 17-01-2019

Hi. From a Natural Living point of view, eye problem is due to toxins accumulated in the body. And medicines further add to toxins!! They also don’t solve the real problem and only mask the symptoms.

Side effect of low potassium is creating an artificial imbalance in body. Our body gives us good health only when it is in homeostasis - a state of balance.

Changes mentioned by Smitha are the best way to deal with this. 

Here are a few simple things that you should definitely do if low potassium is a concern 

1. Start his day with soaked raisins. I know a guy who sells natural raisins. Let me know if you want to connect with him.

2. Give him bananas date smoothie in bfast or orange juice. Keenu is in season these days and it’s juice is super sweet. He’ll like it. In a day ensure he’s having both these things, banana smoothie and orange juice, at least once. He can take one in morning one in evening. Or even take oranges and bananas in their whole form. Minimum 2 bananas and 2 oranges, separately, not to be mixed.

3. Only fruits till noon to support elimination.

4. Lemon - he should take 3-4 lemons every day. Mix their juice with little water and drink. Let’s say 1 lemon every 3-4 hours. Lemons are alkalising and help restore body’s acid alkaline balance. Given ur hubby’s eye issues, his body is acidic.

5. He should restrict his cooked meals to twice a day. Every time he has a cooked meal, give him a lot of salad. Ideally salad should be more than 50% of meal.

Good luck.



09:38 PM | 16-01-2019

Please check this channel for exercises to heal the eyes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPEYMIPRZLHsrn3jVAeFuA


If you are healing from some chronic issues, kindly be on a raw fruits and juices smoothies diet for 45 days and notice that the problems will vanish right away. Instead of attacking the solution to a symptom, it will help to attack the problem that’s causing this issue. Accumulation of toxins in the body being eliminated through the eye.



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