09:55 AM | 09-05-2019

My 4 YEAR old is having fever reaching 101 to 102 degrees since last night. When we couldn't manage it at night, I ended up giving him crocin syrup. But since then I am feeling really bad about it and don't want to give him any medicine now. I m more worried about when temperature starts to soar. Can you please help me know how I should care for my child when down with high fever?

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10:13 AM | 17-01-2019

With my 3 year old, when he was little I would sometimes give him the medicine - but now the doses have been inversely proportional to my growth in wellness journey :)

If you are giving medicine, know that you are giving it for your own comfort rather than his! If you are giving, give the full dose, and give without guilt .  Know that the body has its own supreme intelligence, and while meds to interfere with internal thermostat, body will deal with it!

Just to reiterate, all symptoms of body are, indicators to us that the body’s acid-alkaline balance is skewed. Cough, cold, fever are body’s wonderful mechanisms to discharge and reduce this acidic overload. The body creates fever as a mechanism to purify blood of the infection, so don’t fear it. During this time you should ensure you are able to support your child. This you can do by ensuring you allow your child to rest amply and increase his intake of raw foods. Make sure you are able to give complete rest to the digestive system through no cooked food.

Upping the babies fruits, will help during this time. Fruits are best way to keep the raw high, kids usually fuss also less when eating fruits.  You could do them in interesting smoothies and home made fruit juices.

Feed him only when hungry, don’t’ force feed. Give him fruits every 2-3 hours. You can give him a some lemon-ginger-honey-haldi with tulsi.

This can also be done when he has a cough - applying a warm potlee with ajwain in it to his chest or rubbing a little ginger juice with oil on the chest and back also helps. Add eucalyptus oil into his bath.

Read this article on Fever https://www.kckidsdoc.com/kc-kids-doc/5-fabulous-fever-facts-fighting-fever-fobia-part-12


10:12 AM | 17-01-2019

In understand it becomes difficult when it comes to children. I would request you to go back to the understanding of fever – it is body’s mechanism to throw out toxins and purify blood. The high temperature is created by body to kill the germs.  So we need not fear fever – it is body’s innate intelligence.

However, as parents, we often worry that we should not be ‘experimenting’ with the child through our new found wisdom, and that is understandable. I have a 3 year old, so I have had an evolving fever-related journey.

Initially, there would be so much panic when my son would have a fever – the adults of the house including nani, dadi, and daddy – everyone would keep monitoring the fever.  There would be endless debates about giving the med or rushing to the doctor etc. All this was a reflection of my own confusion. How much fever is ‘high’ fever? Should I give med or not?

With each passing episode of fever, my faith (and understanding) of the fever mechanism became better.  Of course, as the child grows up, you are also more assured he can ‘say’ and express his discomfort (so before he reaches any stage of delirium, I would know)

Now, this is how we deal with fevers at home:

Mostly, I have noticed my son gets a fever at nights – that time I do not do much.  No cold patti, no meds. I just monitor him and soothe him.

For hydration, I keep soaked raisins and where possible feed him that.  When he was little I would breastfeed him a lot through the night (yes, tough but doing cold patti and worrying is equally tiring).

During the day, I allow him to rest and sleep a lot. Hydrating him every 2 hours through fruits and fruit pulps.  If he demands cooked food, it is usually sama khichdi or soup (but usually with a high fever the demand for food would be less, and I do not worry too much on feeding).

Interestingly the panic attacks of adults have also reduced ☺

In this journey – I have given crocin to him – but mostly for my own comfort rather than his! If you are giving, give the full dose, and give without guilt.  Know that the body has its own supreme intelligence, and while meds to interfere with internal thermostat, the body will deal with it!

05:44 PM | 09-05-2019


When the temperatures go above 102..... it’s better to apply a wet pack around the belly and place a wet pack on the forehead to contain the temperature.  You could also have tried a simple sponge bath to contain the temperature. 

It’s an easier way out than giving any medicine. And make it a point to keep the child off any food. Just water or if the child demands then diluted citrus juices or coconut water is also alright. But just by going into rest mode..... physical mental and physiological.... you could avoid the fever from reaching frightening heights. 

By Gods grace and nature’s blessings, I have never had any complications in my children’s fevers. They are 22 and 8 years old. I have followed natural lifestyle since my own childhood as my dad was a nature cure practitioner too.  I have never had any medicine in my lifetime except for one occasion when I couldn’t convince my husband against allopathy.... which now he realises could have been avoided. As for my kids .... no vaccines no medicines.

Be Healthy Be Happy Always 

12:32 PM | 31-03-2019

Shuchi - this is in response to your coconut water question - babies have their own quantity restrictions. They can’t have an entire coconut. U can divide it between them as much as they can drink. U can also give them other fruit juices. 

Point to note 

Diary free lifestyle, meat free , egg free , sugar free , junk food free is extremely imp

Only when you are consistent in the above, the fever won’t reach higher in future. The more the toxins, the fever temp will be risen higher and higher. To stop that, u must attempt to keep them cleaner with more fruits and veggies. Don’t worry too much about the spread of raw. Not giving the above forbidden foods itself is a big plus. Just be conscious of their intake. Stand up for their food habits and face the world and avoid these for them. 

When in fever, don’t force feed, just sipping on water or coconut water itself isgreat . Body will regulate the body thermostat. Msg me if you have more questions. Thanks 

12:16 PM | 23-01-2019

Hello, my kids are now 13 and 10. I  am on a medfree life from 2012 and the way I healed was by going on juices when things worsen or body eliminated. M kids have got dengue when they were young and since I knew liquids keeps the body thermostat in check without intervening like medicine, it worked like a charm all the time. 


I have also helped other kids with such conditions such as febrile seizures. The child was 4 when I started helping. He is now 6-7 and is a healthy child. I saw an sos on fb and contacted her to help. They started keeping him only on liquids (pulpless) when cold started. The way it would happen is, he would catch a cold, then the temp would start and reach 104-105 and his seizures later on. To avoid that they would medicate him when he get a cold itself. So it’s like a chicken or egg problem. If you don’t stop

Meds, the fever temp won’t reduce and if you don’t reduce the seizures are likely. So how to start ? 

Trust that liquids will work. Keep him only on liquids like tender coconut, moosambi, orange juice , lime juice with organic jaggery if they want. U don’t have to use any wet cloth also. External hydration won’t work as effectively as inside as body knows best how to use that water to its use. So this will detox and flush the toxins too. So this is what they did. They did give meds once or twice and experience the power of the juices . The experience of the child was he would recover better than before. One day came when they piled the guts to avoid meds and go on liquids and it worked like a charm and he did not have seizures but his temp was high. This went on for few months on and off. The child was a vegan, mostly on fruits and whole food plant based diet rest of the day when he was ok. When the cold striked again to eliminate, they learnt how to manage it and over time body did not need to go that high to flush or kill the invaders, it needed only 100 or 101. Then slowly it became just the cold and no fever. And now cold also has reduced in terms of frequency. 


Body needs that temp to clean the body from the invaders who came to eat the toxins. Just keep the body clean with lifestyle and this situions will come under control 

Be blessed . U can reach me offline if u have more questions 

01:07 AM | 31-03-2019

My twins are 2.5 yrs... considering the weather of Delhi (38 degrees), if I start with giving them coconut water once a day, can I put that in their sipper? And do they have to take it in one go or few sips through out the day?


10:13 AM | 17-01-2019

Hi! Incidentally both me and my husband have been down with viral. He had 104 temperature. Both of us have not taken any medicine. He is much better now and am also slowly getting there.

I understand as a mother of a small child you are worried when the temperature soars. My dear you must hug your son instead and thank his body for being so intelligent and killing off all the germs .

Remember just like a mother passes on her love to the child , she also passes on her worry . If you are going to be worried, your child can sense it . He will be ok . Let the fever do it job . Just put him on fruits and more fruits.

You can give him lemon honey shots.

10:13 AM | 17-01-2019

Don’t be hard on yourself for giving the Crocin. Each of us makes choices and balances according to what is required and what we feel is needed at that moment.  As long as you provide enough of the other stuff through food and nurturing he will balance. And your comfort is important too else you will pass the worry on as well ... so pat yourself on the back for balancing , recognizing , reflecting and moving forward.

Finally it is an individual’s journey to the ultimate goal of wellness , care and faith rather than illness, cure and fear.

Do keep your doctor informed, and ensure that your support through food, love, rest and care.

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