07:55 AM | 28-05-2019

Need inputs. .. Hubby has a bad stiff back.... Perhaps a catch while exercising... Apart from rest what other options.... He wants to avoid painkillers.

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7 Answers

07:56 AM | 18-01-2019

As said above by others, on immediate basis- rest and diet would help.

In the long run, he may get relief through walking, swimming and cycling with back upright! Swimming has been best esp free style. In very acute siutation, my recommendation is not to get into difficult yoga asans but try simple excercises like Shalabhasana to begin with. Hot fomentations, alternate sponging or radio heat also helped me. 

On diet, salads of raw vegetables ideally (such as tomato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, radish, lettuce) or lightly cooked or steamed veggies with lot of raw fruits (except banana) help in faster healing of strained muscles and tissues. Whole wheat chapaties and sprouts also help as Proteins and Vit C are necessary for the development of healthy bone matrix. In the long run, Vit C, Vit D, Calcium, Phosphorus, trace elements are very important in building stronger back.

My Yoga teacher also recommended that I stay away from fatty and spicy foods, sugar and condiments and reduce on my tea or coffee, at least when the problem is in acute situation. Hope this was helpful! 

04:14 PM | 29-05-2019

1) An ice pack would do wonders,if the pain is in acute condition (3-5days old). Apply the ice pack for 7-8 minutes,moving gently along the painful region.
2) If the pain is in sub acute to chronic condition (more than 5days) a poultice made up of warm Himalayan pink salt/rock salt, can be applied as hot fomentation.
3) After the pain subsides down a bit, gentle stretching and strengthening exercises along with ergonomic advice and postural correction should be stressed upon. (Consult a doctor of Physiotherapy)


Dr.Arnold Fernandes(PT)

04:12 PM | 29-05-2019

1) An ice pack would do wonders, apply for 7-8 minutes gently moving along the painful site. If the painful incident is recent (3-4) days.
2) For more chronic pain (more than 5-6 days)use warm Himalayan pink salt or rock salt in a cotton cloth poultice and apply on the painful region.
3) Postural corrections via exercise and mild stretching and strengthening after the pain has reduced, for preventing future occurrence (consult a doctor of Physiotherapy)


04:14 PM | 29-05-2019

When the main highway is blocked, the traffic moves through the service road till the block opens. So whatever you perceived that caused the pain, basically it is the increased traffic flowing through the spinal cord and thus forcing the overflow outside (pain).

So best is to reduce this traffic. There may be numerous causes and it is difficult to ascertain with the inputs given by you, however, fasting will help in reducing the pain. Go on only juice or only fruits or dry fast. Suit your comfort and convenience and decide the type of fasting. Ideally, avoid cooked food for three days. Fasting will accentuate the benefits of rest.

08:24 PM | 17-01-2019

He needs to rest. Avoid all processed products, oily, meat, dairy and sugar heavy products. Be on fruits for a couple of days for faster healing

10:44 AM | 17-01-2019

Hi! Recently I attended a workshop on natural wellness by THAC. Would like to share my learning from there. Whenever our body is in illness / pain / discomfort it means the body is working towards some kind of imbalance inside. The discomfort we feel is only a symptom that something is not right - could be a disturbed acid-alkaline balance or a muscle strain or an infection. The beauty of nature is that it has inbuilt the capacity to heal in us. What we need to do is simply support the body focus on healing. For that, we must consider two important aspects - rest and food. Rest is the time when the body does its repair work. And food - we need to eat easily digestible foods so that the body doesn’t have to put much effort into digestion, it can channelize its resources for repair/healing.

The long and short of it is, while you may do things externally to relieve the muscle pain, do support your body internally as well. Take ample rest, try to eat more of raw and less cooked food. And yes, dairy and non-veg should be a complete no!

10:30 AM | 17-01-2019

Do hot fermentation with a towel for about 10 mnts.  N put some ointment like volini. If u can get Magic Touch from somewhere nothing like it. Its a homoeopathic ointment.  V effective. Another thing he can do is dip his feet in hot water. Be on fruits n dry fruits n rest a lot.

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