05:31 PM | 20-01-2019

Oats are supposed to be healthy, are they acidic or alkaline and what impact it has on my body?

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7 Answers

11:19 AM | 21-01-2019

Oats are semi-concentrated foods and require substatial amount of VITALITY in its digestion/assimilation process.

We need semi-concentrated food very less (approx. 10% of the total food consumption, consumable weight-wise).

Oats and other semi-concentrated food needs application of heat/water to steam/boil to facilitate the consumption. We should not try to enhance the taste to lure the consumption.

Please read the following note on pH scales.

In brief, let us understand what is a pH scale:

Science has introduced a logarithmic scale to specify the acidity or basicity/alkalinity of an aqueous solution. Acidity and Basicity/Alkalinity are two opposite properties of an aqueous solution. Like everything else, in Nature, aqueous solutions too try to achieve a homeostatic state or the state neutrality. The neutral state of a solution is pure Water. In pH scale the value of water as defined is 7. Below 7, all the solutions are acidic and above 7, are basic/alkaline. Acid and Alkaline always try to neutralize each other to become water.

The pH value of blood is approx 7.4. That means it is almost neutral being slightly basic/alkaline. In diseased condition the pH value becomes more than 7, usually.

With this understanding we confuse ourselves by concluding that we need to make our blood alkaline to have better state of wellness!

It is another superstition!

If we make our blood highly alkaline that is also a health hazard!

Change in pH value or its Alkalinity or acidity in blood is an EFFECT of health.

The CAUSE is somewhere else!

Addressing the EFFECTSinstead of addressing the CAUSE, is a limited and shallow approach.

We cannot carry a pH strip with us to measure the pH value of food that we choose to eat!

Nature has sketched an excellent indicator to identify the right food. THE VOICE OF THE ORGANISM (V/O) is that indicator. The taste sensation is one of the major executions of V/O. Other important V/O in identifying the right food are smell, sight etc. The first condition is the food should be in its natural state without any modification; then we need to use our V/O to identify if it is beneficial for us. We should feel good about the food in terms of its smell, sight and taste.If it feels good, it is good for us. Simple!

We can skip bothering about pH values.

Thank you...

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09:59 AM | 15-09-2019

Explained very well


10:22 AM | 22-01-2019

Oats are from grain category and they are acidifying.

Overall cereal consumption should not be more than 10-15% this includes wheat, rice, legumes etc. 

Millets are relatively better option.


09:54 AM | 21-01-2019

Oats are alkaline in nature. They are rich in beta glucan and fibre which helps to lower bad cholesterol, reduce hypertension, reduce sugar levels, enhance weight loss

09:54 AM | 21-01-2019

Yes but they are acidic. Grains such as oats and oatmeal are acid-forming foods, even though they do have other benefits. Oatmilk also is supposed to be acidic.

10:23 AM | 22-01-2019

Did man think about this when nature created it and we did not have knowledge about all that ?

 Is it natural ? Yes. 

Does it have life ? No. 

Can you eat oats directly from a plant ? No

Does it need cooking ? Yes

Is cooking food for food ? No bcoz the vitality or Prana in the food is lost and the life is dead

So who is oats or grains made for ? Birds and similar beings 

So when we are deviating from nature and wanting to eat what’s not made for us in a form that’s not suitable for our body, it won’t digest properly and can lead to toxic waste buildup.

Everything in moderation is the key. This is how I would make my thinking and life simple. Just go back to the times when creation happened and think along those lines. Whenever any living being can eat without changing its natural form is it’s food. Alkalinity or acidity is medical community creating a hype to sell or market. Don’t fall for that. Just think like the first man / woman.

09:16 PM | 21-01-2019

Mostly it is said oats leave an acidic residue on digestion. But some ppl will say it’s alkaline. 

I would say don’t worry too much about it. Follow the simple rule - human body is 70% water and accordingly at least 70% of your food should be water rich. That includes raw fruits and veggies. Oats will come in the remaining 30%. 

Also buy ‘whole’ oats instead of packaged instant oats which are highly processed and have a lot of artificial ingredients added in. Read the ingredients of any instant oats, you would know. Check on amazon. They have the lesser processed oats varieties - steel cut or rolled. Lesser the processing, more the nutrients retained.

12:41 PM | 16-09-2019

ओट्स एक अम्लीय पदार्थ है ! इसे हम अपने भोजन में आवश्यक अम्लीय पदार्थ 20% के रूप में शामिल कर सकते हैं !

 हमारे शरीर के रक्त के अम्ल- क्षार संतुलन के हिसाब से यदि हम 20% अम्लीय भोजन व 80% क्षारीय भोजन का सेवन  करते हैं तो स्वस्थ व खुशहाल रहेंगे; हमारे सारे अंग पूरी कार्य कुशलता के साथ अपना कार्य करेंगे व मल का निष्कासन भी सुचारू रूप से जारी रहेगा !


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