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01:35 PM | 25-01-2019

My toddler's potty has become extremely stinky since last few days. No major change in food, except that I put him almost off dairy. What can be the reason? He eats a lot of fruits & also veggie soups.

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3 Answers

02:36 PM | 24-01-2019

You must share the age of your child when post these question.

Whatever the age may be, CONGRATULATIONS!

The toxins are thrown out by your child.

The stinky toxins are better thrown away, than to keep inside!

Eating a lot of fruits and veggie always helps mankind to conserve a lot of VITALITY*.

For your child, that CONSERVED VITALITY is being shown in expulsion.

'Being off-dairy' is definitely another reason of conserving more VITALITY*.

These could be old toxins which are being thrown! Otherwise, please keep a watch on your child, in case she is enervated in any of the routes of INPUTS, ACTIVITIES & THOUGHTS.

The state of ENERVATION* sometime turn a good food into toxins.

As conscious parent you must facilitate optimum conservation of VITALITY* in your child.

You may also check our recent article on the above* terminology, in case you are new to Nature Cure science.

Thank you...

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05:38 PM | 23-01-2019

Kids potty is smelly once cooked is introduced. However, body found some spare vitality since diary was stopped. Diary cannot be digested and creates a lot of acidic toxins. So now that it has stopped and fresh fruits are intake, the body is digesting the food well and the fibres are bringing a lot of stored junk from the colon. Remember that the last part of the digestive system is where absorption happens and it also tends to store a lot. Kids don’t excrete efficiently. They just sit for sometime and get up. As it is only 30% comes out. Imo, he must be ok in some days. Feed him a lot of juices and smoothies in the morning. 

01:22 PM | 25-01-2019

I would like to address this by first looking at the process of digestion. Digestion begins as soon as we put food in our mouth - when we chew the food, enzymes in the saliva begin the process of digestion. Then the food then travels to the stomach and is exposed to more enzymes and digestive juices. The objective is to break down the food such that the small intestines can absorb nutrients, which are then passed on to the bloodstream for the body to utilize. In the whole process of digestion and absorption,there are some types of bacteria that are extremely important. From the small intestines, the food moves to the large intestines, where the majority of water is removed and absorbed into the body. After this, the food is ready to be eliminated. This is the digestive waste and it is primarily constituted of fibrous food particles, dead bacteria, and leftovers of nutrient breakdown.

Considering what the digestive waste is made of, it is bound to have a smell associated with it. However, it is only a mild smell. If there is too much of stink, you need to consider the probable causes, which could be:

  • Poor absorption of food - when the digestive system is not at its optimal functioning it is unable to breakdown the macronutrients properly, especially fats. When the fat intake is high and it is not completely broken down it is passed out in stools and causes the stools to be very stinky. You may want to watch out on the fat intake of your child.
  • A high sugar diet – just like there are bacteria that facilitate the digestion process (good bacteria) there are bad bacteria in our gut. These bad guys thieve on sugar. When these bacteria are fed sugar, they produce and release gases, like hydrogen and methane, which increase the bad smell in the stools.
  • Some medicines can cause the stools to stink. Is/was the child on some medication off late?
  • Lack of tolerance to break down some kinds of foods - each body is unique and sometimes the body can't break down certain molecules, resulting in foul-smelling stools.

As you mentioned there isn't much change in diet and he is already taking a lot of fruits, in that case, please watch out on his intake of sugar & fats. Also, watch out for hidden sources of sugar & fats, particularly in processed and packed foods. You could try to keep him off wheat for a few days and see how it affects him.

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