07:48 AM | 24-01-2019

I have mild PCOS, and that's the reason I am unable to conceive. Trying from past 2 years. With detox diet along with Enema therapy, how soon can I recover? Also, please suggest how to de-stress ourselves. Thank you

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12:20 PM | 24-01-2019

Pcos is a result of the body malfunctioning due to lifestyle. Once the lifestyle is corrected and back to track, the body gets back to normal too. Whether it was emotional stress or physical stress and wrong food choices, sedentary lifestyle, they all help each other mess the body’s normal functioning. I believe that people who are disciplined can reverse it in 3-4 months. But this is a lifestyle and not a diet. 

Morning on empty stomach 

Celery juice 250 ml filtered / ash gourd juice / cucumber juice 

Followed by - 

Green juice with any watery vegetable like ashgourd / cucumber / ridge gourd / bottle gourd / carrot / beet with ginger and lime filtered  

More hunger - tender coconut water or more pure veggie juice 

Afternoon from 12 - answer hunger calls 

A bowl of fruits - don’t mix melons and other fruits. Eat melons alone. Eat citrus alone 

A bowl of salad which includes coconut / flax or sesame in any form 

More hunger - tender coconut water or coconut pieces with some dates or seed balls with dates 2-3 

Dinner 2 hrs before sleep 

Gluten free unpolished grains or dals 30% and 70% veggies

Please take enema for 30 days with Luke warm water and then slowly reduce the freq. this is not a substitute for daily nature call . 

Avoid refined oils, fried food , packaged ready to eat foods, dairy in any form including ghee, refined salt and sugar , gluten , refined oils 

include some exercises that involves moving all your parts ( neck , shoulder, elbows, wrist , hip bending twisting , squats, knees, ankles ) See if u can go to the sun for sometime in a day 30 mins atleast. 

Ensure that you are asleep between 10-2 which is when the body needs deep sleep. 

Avoid mental stress by not thinking about things you cannot control. Present is inevitable. Future can be planned. Stay happy. Happiness is only inside yourself . The world around you is a better place if you learn to stay happy inside yourself. Reach us if you need more help in this area. Emotional stress can cascade the effects. Thank your body and love it. Even in pcos it’s trying to protect you in many ways. 😇

Be blessed. 

11:16 AM | 25-01-2019

Dear Ruchi. When we want something real bad, and it doesn't happen within our own defined time period, it can be very frustrating. Our entire being, each and every cell, our conscious and sub conscious mind, simply focuses on that 'failure' of ours.  We may be engaged in other activities, but somewhere we feel we lack, thats what mentally we ingrain, and thats what we see manifest outside in our physical body also! It is indeed a vicious cycle (Needless to say, the world at large, and allopathy & other 'pathies' view everything as a 'problem' thus reinforcing this 'lack' in ourselves and our bodies!)

However looking from Nature's angle, procreation is the most intuitive and dominant 'knowledge' that is ingrained in our DNA. Nature has meant you to be a mother, it has happened over billion and billion of years - so why will it not happen with you...it surely will .... move towards that faith. The moment you liberate yourself of constant worry, that moment your journey to readying for motherhood will begin. It may be very hard to internalise this knowledge, as we pressurise ourselves, compare ourselves, get to hear it from our environment so much! So as suggested by others, you could focus on your overall well being for next year or so, and allow conception to happen naturally. Do remember that we women menstruate till 40+ so surely our power to bear children continues much longer than our 'defined' timeframe (ofcourse we are at our peak when younger but lets not pressurise ourselves into it!)

Towards this, as suggested by Smitha move your food habits to nature oriented lifestyle

Connect more with nature, invest in hobbies (Singing , painting , dancing gardening - anything that allows your true spirit to come out)

Be absolutely gobsmacked sure that your PCOS will melt away - its just a matter of time as you action concretely and orient yourself to a natural lifestyle

Focus on your sleep - yes introduce a healthful sleep routine, reduce your gadget time, move to an inward journey

Just add a few minutes (20-30 minutes) of physical routine to your day. It doesnt have to be gym, zumba, and myriad other pressurising workouts which we frenzily push ourselves into! it could be simply walking, strecthing, yoga, swim - anything that you enjoy (not what others think you should enjoy!)

Invest your time in workshops which explain natural health and how to incorporate them (The one done by The Health Awareness Centre in Mumbai is extremely effective - you can find them on facebook; they also do it in Delhi and Bangalore) 

You could also read Anchal's story on UC and infertility - and turning to a natural lifestyle.  Its very inspirational not only because she finally conceived and had a baby, but also because this transformational journey inspired her to start this platform Wellcure and connect the world to nature's true intent - supreme health already within us! 


All the best dear.  

04:56 PM | 24-01-2019

Hi. De-stressing is an important part of the healing process. But this is often very difficult to do on your own. I would suggest you take external help. For eg: Join some meditation group or buddhist chanting group. Or start following some mental health guru on YouTube, such as Joe Dispenza, have heard great things about him. Or Louis Hay. Buy her book 'You can heal your life'. Watch her videos.

You will surely recover if you take the right steps, the way nature wants you to. Give it 3 months minimum & then you'll just feel the change and would enjoy being on this path. The rest will happen dear. Karma karte chalo, phal kee chintaa mat karo. 

09:40 AM | 31-01-2019

Thanks Ruchi for your question!

Please do not worry about this problem a lot.

This is reversible through VITALITY* MANAGEMENT, effectively and easily!

Due to irrelevant and irrational associations, the word syndrome is perceived as if it is something which irreversible. The tendency of the body of cyst formation, in case of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is the accumulation of toxin in the blood. This state is called TOXAEMIA* as per pure Nature Cure. Toxaemia is the single reason of any type of ill health. Toxaemia is initiated by ENERVATION* which is nothing but a cumulation of knowing and unknowing exhaustion to the body. These can happen due to any and many of the Physical exhaustion, Physiological overspend of energy (read, vitality) and Psychological stress.

When we seek treatment, often we overfocus on a single problem or a symptom, eagerly! But, if we understand the LIFE as a whole, it is not the single symptom which makes our LIFE complete! We need to understand that the holistic solution is the right solution for a sustainable state of wellness in terms of the overall health and happiness. Hence, inculcating a overall knack towards the sustainable wellness is the right route. Seeking just a solution to conceive may be reconsidered to a overall wellness.

CONSCIOUS CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY is the only route towards holistic wellness. This can happen in the following adoption.




This holistic adoption will enable to build your inner strength due to the conserved VITALITY. With which, you will be able to liquify all the toxin, stone/cyst and throw out to bring back the homeostasis of your body.  Conceiving will be a byproduct in the process, if your age supports. 

You may also check our recent article on the above* terminology, in case you are new to Nature Cure science. You may join next batch of PSYsolution’s course  on NATURE & LIFE to strengthen your understanding about this science and philosophy. You can APPLY HERE.

Thank you...

You can follow us at facebook and/or at Wellcure

09:45 AM | 25-01-2019

Sure definitely, how can I approach you ? Through calls ? Can you pls share your number. Thanks 

10:13 AM | 25-01-2019

Hi Ruchi. You can click on Smitha's profile & send her a message one-on-one to get her contact details.


04:49 PM | 24-01-2019

Hi. You may refer to inspirational stories about 'Women's Health' in our Journeys section. Hope you find these useful.

In Good Health
Team Wellcure

04:44 PM | 24-01-2019

Thank you so much for your wonderful words. 

10:37 PM | 24-01-2019

Thanks for checking back Ruchi. I help in emotional councelling too for free. Reach if you need help.


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